Apparently Some Of You Iron Your Sheets & I Need To Know Where You Get The Fkn Time

An interesting question has come out of everyone spending a bunch more time at home, and it’s that some people iron their sheets and pillowcases. And, much like every time people find out that other folks do life differently to them, it’s sparked a hell of a debate.

So just a quick question – do you iron your sheets, or just bung them in the cupboard or back on your bed?

As someone who 1. doesn’t currently own an iron and ironing board and 2. pretty much only wears t-shirts and jeans, ironing anything apart from maybe a nice shirt for a job interview sounds incredible indulgent and kinda unnecessary.

A couple of days ago, Irish journalist Darren Skelton asked the simple question if people iron their pillowcases, and the responses came in thick and fast. Most of the replies were Team No Iron, who questioned how people had the time of day to stop to iron their bedding.

But Team Iron, oh boy. Not only do people iron their pillowcases, but they also iron their sheets, doona covers, the whole bedding kit and caboodle.

Some see it as an indulgence, others as a guilty pleasure. One person claimed that it adds to the whole fresh sheets thing, which is arguably one of the best feelings in the whole world.

Seriously, some people can’t sleep in a creased bed which I just ??? Does it really change things? This self-isolation thing has really borked out my dreams (srsly, I’m having some really vivid ones atm), so would freshly-ironed bedding help me relax more? Do I try to iron my sheets?

Ironing your sheets sounds like something my Nanna would have done (rest her soul), or something that someone who also irons knickers would do.

(Mind you, quickly running over your undies with a hot iron on a cold winter’s day before chucking them on is heaven so, maybe this is legit.)

I really want to try it, I want to try and iron the creases out of my sheets and putting this to the test – does it really take the whole ‘fresh sheets’ feeling to another, more incredible, level, or will I just end up in a wrinkle-free bed wondering why I spent a good chunk of my precious time ironing my sheets when I could be, you know, playing Animal Crossing?

All things aside, I should probably get an iron for those times I actually need to iron something that isn’t my sheets, hey.

Oh, and one last thing, this woman has an entire DRAWER for any ironing that needs to be done and I just don’t quite know if that’s genius or outrageous.