Aldi’s Slinging Weighted Blankets, Which Is The Closest You’ll Get To A Hug Right Now

aldi weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are praised as a godsend for anyone with sleep issues, anxiety, or just somebody who wants to feel like they’re buried under 100 cozy blankets. But as I found out recently when my housemate tried to purchase one, they’re really bloody expensive.

Depending on where you’re buying it from, they can cost you upwards of $200, which is a lot of money to spend on a really heavy blanket. But thankfully, the cheapo gods at Aldi have heard our prayers and are slinging two different weighted blankets in their upcoming Special Buys.

Using the power of “pressure therapy”, weighted blankets are basically the lonely-person’s equivalent to being held or cuddled by a significant other, which is a necessity in isolation.

You can take your pick between the 6.8kg blanket (for 55kg-80kg humans) or the 9kg option for 80kg+.

The blanket comes with a removable cover for easy washing, and will set you back just $89.99.

In addition to the weighted blanket, Aldi is also slinging 1000 thread count sheets, wool under blankets, a range of specialty pillows and fancy duck down quilts as part of the luxury bedding collection. For a couple of hundred bucks, you could totally revamp your bedroom.

But you’ll have to be quick because they’re only available as part of next week’s Special Buy’s catalogue on Wednesday August 5.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to invest in a weighted blanket and live out my cozy burrito dreams.

You can read all about it and view the full range