Thermals, Hiking Gear & Walkie Talkies (!!!) Are Landing In ALDI’s Special Buys This Weekend

Getting out into the bush for a big hike has been a godsend after we’ve all been cooped up inside for months. If you’re due for some new boots or your old winter warmers are looking a bit worn out, ALDI has got you covered with its Special Buys this weekend, featuring a huge range of hiking gear to grapple through in that sacred middle aisle.

It’s absolutely bullshit cold out there at the moment (g’day from Melbourne, it’s currently 8º) so knowing there are Merino thermal leggings and long sleeve underwear coming through on Saturday, July 4 is like music to my ears. On top of that, there’s Merino shirts, jumpers, jackets and trackie-dacks to keep you warm in all weather out in the country.

ALDI hiking gear
Merino Thermal Underwear – $29.99 each

Or if you’re ready to lean right into your puffer lifestyle, there’s also ultralight down jackets and vests coming through, as well as waterproof shell jackets and outdoor pants (as opposed to those indoor pants you’ve been living in.)

ALDI hiking gear
Ultralight Down Jacket – $49.99

For your extremities, there’s winter gloves, thick wool-blend socks and hiking shoes for under $50, which is a bloody good steal if you ask me.

And to pack everything down in like you’re Bear Grylls, ALDI’s hiking special buys sale is set to have schmick 30L and 45L backpacks and dry duffle bags that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus they look great too – I’m obsessed with this wine red and pink one.

ALDI hiking gear
30L Hiking Backpack – $34.99

The sale has heaps of wild gadgets too, like a “wildlife camera” which you can camouflage and set up on a tree to record whatever goes on around your campsite when you’re not looking, a fitness watch with GPS if you’ve been eyeing off something like that to track your workouts, and walkie talkies (!!!) which is a no-brainer, really.

Who doesn’t want to have walkie talkies for their everyday lives? Tuning in on truckies UHF CB radios is like opening a Pandora’s Box of chaos. I’m absolutely gonna set a walkie talkie up in the kitchen so I can ask my housemates to put the kettle on while I’m still in bed.

ALDI hiking gear
Hell yeah HELL YEAH.

The ALDI hiking gear special buys sales kicks off in our fave middle aisle of rogue treats on the 4th of July, perfect timing for whatever Sunday hike you’ve got planned. And maybe if you’re lucky there might be some leftover American candy from Wednesday’s sales, too.