Remember that time our Prime Minister Scott Morrison fucked off to Hawaii while the country was roasting in the proverbial oven? Well, the loose units at The Chaser certainly do. The Chaser travelled across the seas to chuck up a very special commemorative plaque celebrating the infamous occasion.

Titled “Sorry we’ve been missing during this major national event – had a much more important vacation in Hawaii to attend,” The Chaser’s video depicts a fair bitta’ God’s work being carried out.

Just in time for election day too! The timing is truly uncanny…

Sorry we’ve been missing during this major national event – had a much more important vacation in Hawaii to attend

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In the video, we’re treated to a cinematic pan of the infamous blue umbrella. You know, the same one Morrison sat under while we were all raising money for bushfire victims and people were losing their homes? Yeah, that one.

Thankfully, someone else is now sitting in the PM’s chair. There’s also a gorgeous dog sitting under the umbrella for those of us who needed extra healing.

The cameraperson then sticks a laminated sign onto a nearby bollard which reads “Australian Heritage. Prime Minister Scott Morrison sat on the beach here as Australia burned. 2019.”

The video looks set to form part of a series with Batshit Auspol. The Chaser has asked for more ideas on new places they can chuck up commemorative plaques so feel free to add your own to the mix!

Perhaps we can get one at Engadine Macca’s where he *supposedly* shat himself in 1997?

To tie the story in a nice lil’ bow, The Chaser shouted out the photographer behind the original pic of Morrison with his feet up in tropical paradise.

This comes after The Chaser dressed up as a giant Clive Palmer text message to heckle him at his own rally earlier in May.

The TikTok was captioned “Decided to pay Clive Palmer back for all those f*^cking text messages”.

During the video, the man-sized iPhone repeatedly yelled, “Clive! Clive, I’ve got a message!”

Supporters of Clive’s United Australia Party quickly attempted to shoo the two-legged iPhone away. However, a few moments later one yellow shirt-wearing Palmer supporter chucked a full-on tantrum yelling, “shut the fuck up … shut the fuck up!”

Overall, this has been a very heartwarming election day story. Bless.

Last but not least, if you’re in need of some extra motivation to make it through election day — suss out official 2022 election night drinking game here.

Image: Morrison Image by Ben Parsons. TikTok via