The Chaser’s EDM Banger About Scott Morrison Just Topped The Music Charts So Cya At The ARIAs

scott morrison coal makes me cum

Update – April 26 The Chaser’s cheeky and NSFW deep-fake meets EDM diss-track about Prime Minister Scott Morrison, “Coal makes me cum” officially topped the music charts.

The comedy group revealed in a Facebook post on Tuesday night that their hit AusPol single had hit number one on the iTunes charts in Australia.

For a short while, it beat out James Bay, Keith Urban and Mr. Harry Styles. That’s right. The country’s hatred for the Morrison Government is so strong it can even surpass our love for Harry. Damn.

“How good is Australia,” said the person behind The Chaser’s Facebook page.

Original – April 25

The Chaser has released a cheeky and NSFW deep-fake meets EDM diss-track about Prime Minister Scott Morrison called “Coal makes me cum”. No, you didn’t misread that. That’s legit the title of the song.

The political comedy group made the track as a dare by a fan. But they said in an Insta post on Monday the song was uploaded to Spotify and Apple Music because it was so popular.

“After making this based on a dare from Reddit, in just 24 hours this song’s wracked up over 1 million plays across social media,” the person behind The Chaser’s Twitter account said.

“If this charts it’s definitely going down as the dumbest thing we’ve ever done.”

“Coal makes me cum” is a classic audio deep-fake.

The Chaser mashed together a bunch of words or sounds Morrison has publicly made and edited them to make it sound like he gave a verbal middle finger to voters, essential workers and victims of the floods and bushfires. His words have also been edited to sound like he has a literal hard-on for coal and political corruption.

“Fuck you and your family [and] the essential services you rely on,” the edited voice of Morrison appeared to sing.

“Fuck you other cunts facing floods and bushfires. When disaster strikes I’m ready to go on vacation.”

Then we have the chorus: “coal makes me hard. Coal makes me cum. My dick is always hard and it’s only getting harder.”

It’s worth mentioning Morrison has not publicly made any of the comments quoted in “Coal makes me cum”. They are all merely phrases and sounds out of his mouth that a producer has edited to sound an awful lot like he said them.

But several users on Twitter still joked they would be streaming it.

One user said they expected it to be in their 2022 Spotify wrap. Several claimed they planned on playing the track on election night.

“People definitely shouldn’t put it on repeat overnight while they sleep with the audio muted,” said another.

I’m sure “Coal makes me cum” will be playing on repeat at the Facebook event send-off to Scott Morrison at Engadine Macca’s if he gets the smelly boot on Election Day.