Looks Like Scott Morrison Got His Bday Wish Bc The Engadine Macca’s Send-Off Has Been Cancelled

scott morrison engadine macca's

In April more than 14000 people RSVPed on Facebook to an Engadine Macca’s send-off for Prime Minister Scott Morrison if he shits the bed on election day. I may or may not be one of those people.

But today on Morrison’s 54th birthday it looks like the event has been taken down. Who did this?? Who strong-armed the event organisers? *Sigh* looks like little Scotty’s birthday wish came true.

The Facebook event was titled “ScoMo’s Farewell Party” and was planned to be held at Engadine Macca’s.

According to the event description, “ScoMo’s Farewell Party” was a “celebration of the end of one of the most inept government’s in Australian History”.

Organisers were encouraging attendees to rock up in a Hawaiian shirt. It’s a fitting nod to one of Morrison biggest failures as a leader: ditching the country for a Hawaiian holiday when the nation was on fire.

It was likely is just a silly little teehee XD joke. But it’s pretty interesting so many people engaged with the event several weeks before the Federal Election on May 21st. Maybe that’s a testament to the cultural legacy of the Engadine Macca’s myth?

It’s a tale as old as time. The allegation that Morrison once shat himself in the carpark of Engadine Macca’s when the Cronulla Sharks lost the 1997 Super League Grand Final.

“It is the biggest urban myth ever. It’s complete and utter rubbish,” Morrison told known bastions of democracy Kyle and Jackie O in 2021.

Dan Illic‘s Aussie political comedy podcast A Rational Fear recently erected an ad poking fun at Morrison’s career and allegedly poopy past. The artwork was designed by James Hillier. It suggested that the shitty allegation that Morrison crapped a log in his car outside Engadine Macca’s was the last time he actually did something.

Morrison has denied it time and time again. But that hasn’t stopped the rumour from hanging around him like a stinky numero duo in your trousers. Or a permanent shit-stained pair of undies.

Anyway, a very not-happy birthday to our leader for hopefully only one more week.