These Legends Made An Engadine Macca’s Ad & It Deff Wasn’t Approved By Scotty From Marketing

There are few greater pieces of Australian lore than Scott Morrison (a human with the charisma of a shitstain) and the question of whether he produced a literal shitstain in Engadine Macca’s 1997.

We all know the story ⁠— a story which Scott Morrison himself has denied time and time again.

It’s a tale as old as time. The allegation that Morrison once shat himself in the carpark of Engadine Macca’s when the Cronulla Sharks lost the 1997 Super League Grand Final.

“It is the biggest urban myth ever. It’s complete and utter rubbish,” Morrison told known bastions of democracy Kyle and Jackie O in 2021.

But it’s a story, a great debate even, that refuses to die. It’s engrained in our collective consciousness much like the mental image of Tony Abbott eating a raw onion.

Does it matter whether or not it really happened? No. It’s folklore. It’s a story of our nation. And once again it’s reared its stinky, Cronulla Sharks-supporting head thanks to A Rational Fear.

If you don’t know A Rational Fear, it’s an Aussie political comedy podcast run by comedian Dan Ilic.

It last made headlines when the team raised a fuck load of money for the COP26 summit in Glasgow. Specifically $40,000 to put up a load of billboards up calling out our shit-awful climate record.

Now A Rational Fear has struck again with its very own Engadine ad. According to the Insta, the glorious artwork is by James Hillier.

A simple, effective, great use of a shit emoji there. Colour me impressed.

There have been many glorious commemoration of the (alleged) shitsplosion of 1997. There was the plaque outside the Macca’s. There were some fun little posters spread around Sydney.

Political stagnation and a wild rumour of secret turds does in fact breed innovation, apparently.

The poster has done well with the good people of Reddit.

“Was just in NSW about a week ago for a wedding,” wrote one user.

“My partner didn’t understand why I was so excited when I realised we were in Engadine and we passed by a Macca’s.”

It’s a beacon of Sutherland Shire if not Sydney as a whole. Ilic has also asked for selfies with the poster if anyone’s down Engadine way.

With a Federal Election theoretically happening this year (please, I am begging you, just tell us) I can only imagine there’s more Engadine Macca’s merch to come.