There’s A Whole Bunch Of Engadine Maccas Posters Pooping Up Around Sydney

The legend of whether or not Scott Morrison cannoned shit out of his fucking ass at the Engadine Maccas following Cronulla’s Super League Grand Final loss in 1997 continues to linger around this election campaign like the proverbial bad smell; a stain of a story that no amount of washing will remove.

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PEDESTRIAN.TV brought the story into the public eye in late March after social media erupted with countless assertions of the veracity of the story; the story that Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in 1997, suffered a severe case of rocket anus at the Engadine Maccas in September 1997, a conveniently short drive down the road from Shark Park.

Our investigation into the incident dove as deep as possible before we unfortunately hit various clogs; representatives for the PM refused to entertain the story, and a FOI request directed at Canberra suspiciously returned zero results.

However the people remain defiant, and remain steadfast in the pursuit of truth. To that end, Sydney is now the subject of a grassroots campaign aimed at keeping the story in the public brown eye.

Posters featuring Scott Morrison’s face and the phrases “Engadine Maccas” and “1997” have begun pooping up around the city, including at key McDonald’s locations. Yes, that includes the infamous Engadine location too. Ground Zero itself.

Social media posts have captured the posters in the wild as they spread wide across Sydney’s inner west.

The Morrison tags have even take over a Clive Palmer billboard in Chippendale, repurposing the shitty yellow ads for possibly their only worthwhile use: Taking the piss.

Or shit, as it were.

The paste-ups are very similar in style to similar ones that appeared around the electorate of Warringah, baring Tony Abbott‘s head with the phrases “PELL” and “C*NT” on them. They carry all the hallmarks of noted street artist Scottie Marsh‘s style, although Marsh has not claimed responsibility for either at this stage.

No matter what the outcome of the election, the longer Morrison refuses to face questioning on the incident the more people’s appetite for the truth will grow.

The truth about 1997.

And whether he shit out his horrible, horrible ass.