Julie Bishop Shared An Instagram Story Of Her Being Asked About Engadine Maccas

Former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party Julie Bishop has shared an Instagram story of herself being asked about the infamous (and for legal reasons, extremely alleged) Engadine Maccas incident.

For those playing catch up at home, tweets and comments have been circling for the entirety of the election campaign that allege Australian prime minister Scott Morrison shit his pants at the Engadine McDonald’s following the 1997 Cronulla Sharks grand final.

PEDESTRIAN TV has done an extensive investigation on the matter here, but it has also been a topic of discussion online, with the rumour threatening to do to ScoMo what the the Zodiac Killer rumours did to Ted Cruz‘s failed Presidential campaign in 2016.

Last week, information obtained by PEDESTRIAN TV via a Freedom of Information request to the Prime Minister’s office revealed there had been no discussions internally about the alleged pants-shitting.

Now, Julie Bishop – who lets just assume has full control of her own social media – has uploaded a segment of an interview she did on the red carpet at the InStyle awards night on Wednesday night where she is asked about the ScoMo shitting his pants incident.


We had to upload the original video there because you can’t embed an IG Story, but for the record, it is most certainly there:

“Always good for a chat!” she writes. A chat! Just a casual chat about her former cabinet mate shitting himself.

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s said:

Bishop is talking to Pete Deppeler (intern Pete from ‘Kyle & Jackie O’) and says: “I have been so kind to you in public life and now I’m a public citizen I can treat you like I’ve really wanted to all along,”

Deppeler respond: “OK have you heard about ScoMo pooing his pants at McDonalds?

And then Bishop just laughs and calls Deppeler adorable. Adorable!

Why would Bishop put this on her Instagram? Surely there were other clips from the night, other interviews, other conversations with Intern Pete? Yes this was the clip that Intern Pete uploaded to his own Instagram, but that doesn’t mean Bishop had to share it across as part of her story.

Now like, just because Bishop shared it doesn’t make the story have any more possible credibility. But where was Julie Bishop in 1997, the night of the Cronulla Sharks grand final? Did she go to McDonalds? Was she there?

Unless there are more Instagram stories to come, we may never know.