Engadine Maccas Now Has A Plaque To Commemorate Scott Morrison’s Doo Doo Ass

It’s the political scandal that threatens to stain the entire election and leave an unmistakable skid mark on Scott Morrison‘s political career: Whether or not he, in 1997, blasted shit out of his ass into his goddamned pants at the now-mythical Engadine Maccas.

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While Morrison continues to dodge questioning on the matter – the closest we’ve come was a recent admission on KIIS FM that he thinks it’s “fine” to use the public bathrooms at a McDonald’s as he bloody well would – the site of the alleged incident now has the commemoration it rightly deserves in the form of a plaque.

Oh yes, Engadine Maccas now has a plaque.

In footage and images provided to PEDESTRIAN.TV, we can exclusively reveal that the team behind Sydney-based political podcast A Rational Fear has erected commemorative plaques at the Engadine Maccas site, which as we all know is the rumoured site where Morrison shit his fucking pants after Cronulla lost the Super League Grand Final in 1997.

The first of the two plaques adorns the entry way to the cathedral of dack shatting, acknowledging the fact that the restaurant rests on sacred ground.

The second has been placed respectfully above the urinal in the men’s toilet, representing the porcelain salvation that Morrison reportedly couldn’t quite make it to some 22 years ago.

A closer inspection of the plaque reveals the formal dedication – defecation, if you will – including the all-important score of the now history-defining Super League season decider.

It was at this spot in the evening of the 20th September 1997 that Scott Morrison defecated in his pants after the Cronulla Sharks lost the Super League Grand Final to the Brisbane Broncos 26-8.

Simple, austere, and above all else respectful. A classy gesture through and through.

A previous Freedom Of Information Act request made by PEDESTRIAN.TV aimed at investigating just how deep the Engadine Maccas scandal has been discussed in Canberra returned a curious zero items of interest, which – if you ask us – absolutely pongs of a cover-up.

However it would appear that Federal officials have taken to discussing the matter in slightly more covert ways.

Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi embedded a code in a series of tweets posted this afternoon alluding to the story, which began with this otherwise ordinary election push.

You might wanna check that full thread. Specifically: The first letter of each Tweet.

Smoke and mirrors. Lies and obfuscation. The tea in Engadine is particularly rich in May, mates.