The legends at The Chaser tried to hand-deliver career cosplayer Prime Minister Scott Morrison a copy of Welding For Dummies because the bloke clearly fkn needs it.

In case you missed it, Morrison has tried to do a number of jobs he’s not trained for in recent weeks. Instead of, y’know, his actual job.

He put his slimy, wet hands on a woman’s face as he tried to wash her hair at a Melbourne hair salon.

He embarrassingly played a cringe cover of Dragon’s “April Sun In Cuba” on the ukulele before Dragon issued a literal statement condeming him doing so. It was particularly out of pocket because the ukulele is an instrument commonly associated with the very country he fled to when Australia was on fire.

And then just last Sunday he tried his hands at welding. Morrison was caught on video not wearing his helmet and then getting nearly torched in the face. I don’t even need to go to TAFE to know that’s wrong.

The guy needs all the help he can get. So The Chaser’s Aleksa Vulovic rocked up to Morrison’s home at Kirribilli House to help out. He was dressed as a postman and urged staff he had an important delivery in a video posted on social media on Wednesday night.

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“I’ve got a delivery for Scott Morrison — Welding For Dummies,” the man posing as a postie told an undercover NSW Police officer.

Shame there isn’t one for leading a country.

A cop then told him to “move on”. He then offered to give the PM a copy of a different book: Covering Up Sexual Assault For Dummies.

The For Dummies series doesn’t have a book on that. But maybe it should consider releasing an edition because of the large proportion of men in power who have historically covered up allegations of sexual assault in Parliament. 

“Actually wait, sorry, this one’s for Christian Porter,” The Chaser postman joked.

“All good, all good. But he should probably borrow this one once Christian’s done with it.”

It all felt ripped out of an episode of The Chaser’s War On Everything TV series on ABC in the 2000s. Particularly his final response to them not accepting his kind gift.

“There’s gonna be more welding accidents,” The Chaser comedian said as he walked away from Kirribilli House.

“That’s fucked.”

Image: Ten News / Instagram (@chaserwar)