Here’s The Chaser Projecting Alan Jones’ Phone Number On The Opera House

There are two courses of action for those opposed to the rampant commercialisation of Australia‘s architectural jewel: either join the 235,000-odd names on a petition calling for the plan to advertise a horse race on the sails of the Sydney Opera House to be scrapped, or go ahead and project your own bloody message on the iconic building.

Evidently, The Chaser gang chose the latter.

In a video posted overnight, the satirical news crew loaded up a four-wheel-drive with a high-powered projector and tested out the capacity of several Sydney landmarks to become illuminated billboards.

Roaming around town, the team took the mick out of radio host Alan Jones – the man who berated Sydney Opera House chief executive Louise Herron over her opposition to the planned Everest Cup projection – by projecting what they claimed to be his personal phone number.

Also in their crosshairs: Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who referred to the Opera House sails as the “biggest billboard” in the city.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales was the first target, before they turned their sights on Jørn Utzon‘s masterwork itself.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have access to that kind of technology but still want to make the point that Australia’s cultural cornerstones shouldn’t be co-opted by gambling interests, you can peep the aforementioned petition HERE. 

As it stands, the ad is slated to go live before the Everest Cup on October 13.