The Chaser Posed As Scott Morrison, The Pope & More On Twitter Last Night And It Was Pure Chaos

the chasers twitter scott morrison jk rowling pope francis

The Chaser went on a chaotic rampage last night posing as some of the most prolific verified accounts on Twitter—including Prime Minister Scott Morrison—and I am absolutely HOWLING folks. The tweets are so fucking good.

Last night between 1-2 AM, and after recently getting verified on Twitter, the Interns at The Chaser decided to test how long it would take for them to lose the tick, posing as a number of infamous members of the public eye. And, hands down, the best one that has left me in an absolute screamfest at my computer screen is this one:

Jenny [Morrison] sat me down today and asked me to think about how the Biloela kids are just like our girls. She’s completely right and after a lot of reflection, I’ve deported my daughters to Nauru,” they tweeted while posing as Mr. Morrison.

OOOF. Big fucking OOF. In the words of Agatha Harkness: “this is chaos magic, Wanda.” Pure, unfiltered and beloved chaos.

“Productive night,” they said in a tweet sharing the now-deleted firecracker of a joke.

“[Professor] McGonnagal had a foot fetish,” they also said after casting a transfiguration spell disguised as JK Rowling. Side note: this very well could have just been a retweet from the transphobe, let’s be real.

As Pope Francis, they said: “Happy Pride Month from all of us at the Catholic Church.”

As Coca-Cola, they announced: “Due to overwhelming customer demand, we’re putting the cocaine back in.”

A few other of their golden hour tweets have been wiped off the internet but I did spot that they also posed as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg although I’m unsure of what was in the tweet they made as him. Dear Chaser, I am literally *begging* you to reveal what you tweeted. Please.

Shortly after their chaotic yet comedic crimes, Twitter suspended them for an hour. When the account was reclaimed at 4AM, they tweeted, “one hour of Twitter jail, a lifetime of memories.” Truly, it was the worst of times but it was the best of them, too. The king-est of shit if I ever saw one.