The Chaser Stationed A Spruiker Outside A Harvey Norman Store To Help ‘Fix’ Its Image Problem

harvey norman the chaser

The Chaser, bless them to bits, revived its classic Surprise Spruiker segment to deal with this Harvey Norman situation, and it’s one of the best things I’ve seen all week.

This comes not long after the Harvey Norman Twitter started to block ex-staff members and shoppers for calling them out online, and responded to serious allegations of worker mistreatment with flippant emojis like the facepalm and the kissy face.

So yeah, Harvey Norman is having a completely normal one. Just yesterday, someone nuked the entire Twitter page, in an assumed attempt to try and do some damage control on all the chaos.

Naturally, the best response when a store is going completely off the wall is to send a fake spruiker out to the front to make jokes about the entire mess. Luckily for us that’s just what The Chaser did.

“We’ve got discounts on fridges, we’ve got discounts on fireplaces, hell we’ve even got discounts on our workers!” yelled the Surprise Spruiker.

“We’ve gone absolutely crazy on Twitter, blocking anyone. We’ll block workers, we’ll block union members, hell we’ll even block ourselves. There’s absolutely no one who’s off-limits when it comes to blocking!

“With pay rates like these, you literally cannot afford to leave the store!”

You can have a look at the beautiful footage right here.

And the comments section seemed to absolutely adore the video, with a couple of “you bloody legends” and “well-done guys” thrown in the mix.

My fave comment however was this one:

“When the history of 21st century Australia is told in the future, people will be separated into those blocked by Harvey Norman Australia before they deleted their account, and those who weren’t.”

Following the video, The Chaser also tweeted a cheeky little wish for them to become blocked by Harvey Norman in real life. Gotta respect the absolute nerve of these boys to push the envelope just a little every time.

Currently we still have no idea who was actually manning the Harvey Norman account in its final, chaotic days, but we do know that Harvey Norman has ignored our requests for comment. Repeatedly.