Harvey Norman Has Totally Nuked Its Twitter After *Someone* Went On That Chaotic Tweeting Spree

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The absolutely batshit and bonkers Harvey Norman Twitter account has finally been nuked after a series of questionable actions. It is still uncertain who the hell manned the socials of the company during this time, but I’m just glad they’ve been put to a grinding halt (for now).

Yep, after the company completely derailed itself online by being absolutely shitty, the Twitter account has been completely dropped off the face of the Earth.

If you wanted to look at the latest deals in… whatever really, well, this is what you’d see.

harvey norman

Just in case you missed it, the Harvey Norman Twitter account decided to wrap up May by responding to serious allegations about worker payment and wage strikes with a series of random and insensitive emojis.

It also began blocking a myriad of users who were calling the company out online. Most of these folks were people who claimed to be former staff or disgruntled customers.

“Working for your godforsaken company drove me to suicide in six months,” one Twitter user alleged on Friday.

To this, the Harvey Norman Twitter account responded with a facepalm emoji and a waving hand emoji. The account also responded with a kissy face emoji to other tweets making allegations about them.

Following all of this, the account began retweeting a series of random sports posts, assumedly in an attempt to return their feed to some slightly normal behaviour.

Basically, staff (both former and current) are just fkn pissed that Harvey Norman kept around $14.5 million in JobKeeper handouts while simultaneously recording massive profits of $462 million in the second half of 2020 alone. They’re going on strikes and calling the company out, and this is the behaviour they are met with.

“Harvey Norman saw the global pandemic as an ‘opportunity’, doubled its profits, benefited from a delay in the last increase in wages and then refused to pay back JobKeeper,” ACTU Secretary Sally McManus said on Friday, during a workers protest outside a Harvey Norman store.

“It’s now time for Harvey Norman to step up and support a 69 cent an hour pay rise. Prime Minister Morrison must also stop supporting big business’ calls for real wage cuts – what the economy needs now is people with money to spend.”

We’ve reached out to Harvey Norman for an answer as to what is going on, but are yet to receive a response.

It’s still unclear who wrote the tweets, and who pulled the plug on the account.