Have A Peek At Taylor Swift’s $21K Singapore Accom To See How It Stacks Up To Her Aussie Pads

When Taylor Swift came to Australia for her long-awaited Eras Tour last month, she stayed in the most luxurious suites that Sydney and Melbourne had to offer. But how does her Singapore accommodation stack up?

According to Page Six, the Reputation singer and her beau Travis Kelce are staying at the Colonial Manor at the Capella Resort on Sentosa Island.

The Manor costs an easy breezy $21,000 AUD per night. Although it’s cheaper than her Aussie accommodation, I personally think it’s a much nicer place to relax after each show due to its luxe yet more relaxed energy than the bougie hotel suites she stayed in Down Under.

The villa is comprised of two bungalows that make up a very large three-bedroom suite. The manor even has its own lap pool and a private chunk of rainforest which is great because there’s nothing like thick foliage to block the pesky paparazzi.

Now, before we look at the pics of the manor, let’s do a little exercise. I want you to imagine that you are looking at these pictures and imagine that you — yes, you — are the person staying here. $21K is chump-change to you in this scenario. This is your manor for the evening.

Capiche? Capiche.

You walk into the manor through the gardens, taking in the buzzing of the insects and chirps of the birds after a long hard day being rich.

(Image: Capella Hotels)

Walking through the glass doors, you come to the lounging space. The 46-inch flat-screen TV may be a tad on the smaller side but the homey feel to the room seems like the perfect place to relax with your entourage after months on the road. You switch on a lamp, you use an ottoman, you watch the new episode of Below Deck, and life is good.

(Image: Capella Hotels)

When your tummy begins to rumble, you hit up the dining room for dinner. While no private chef is mentioned as a specific addition to the manor, you hire one anyway. The table is set. There is more than one knife indicating that you will have many tasty delicacies tonight.

Of course, you need to get some well-needed rest.

Thankfully, the lavish bedroom has a Sealy Posturepedic mattress with “sumptuous Pratesi linen”. Thank god it does too, otherwise, you’d be outta there.

Although the room description didn’t say there is an ensuite, rest assured that all of the bathrooms have separate rainforest showers and two wash basins. Plus, there are enough beds in the manor for six adults and one child.

However, from looking at the lounge room, you notice that you could squeeze in two tall adults or three people 5″3″ or below which is great news for your many little friends.

The next morning, what better place to enjoy your coffee from the Nespresso machine than in the living room, looking out upon the pool and the private rainforest?

“Delightful,” you say, slurping back an almond milk piccolo. The almonds were milked fresh, that morning.

And scene!!!!!

Wow, wasn’t that fun and illuminating?

I feel like I know what I’ll be manifesting for this Pisces new moon. But if the Colonial Manor doesn’t take your fancy, the resort also offers two other slightly smaller manors — The Capella Manor and the Contemporary Manor.


Anyway, amidst reports that Taylor is losing her voice, on the tail end of the Eras Tour, I hope she really got to wind down and rest up in Singapore.

It’s what she deserves!!!