Taylor Swift’s Sydney Accommodation Is Reportedly $38K Per Night & It’s What She Deserves

In between the many, many demanding Eras Tour shows Taylor Swift has to find a spot that helps her relax and recover, ready for the next three-hour show in her schedule. Thankfully, it seems like she’s found just the place to recharge her batteries in Sydney.

According to PEDESTRIAN.TV’s insider sources, the chairman of the Tortured Poet’s Department will be staying at the Crown Sydney. Reportedly, she’ll be staying in the Presidential Villa — a two-storey set up that resides on the 88th floor of the Crown Towers.

Where is Taylor Swift staying in Sydney?

Let’s have a lil’ look to see what it’s like inside, shall we?

I’ll do some terrible super fun and expert edits so you can really imagine the 1989 singer calling the accommodation her temporary home. You’re so welcome.

The dining room is the perfect place for Taylor to take a load off. (Ignore the missing foot!!!!) (Image: The Crown Sydney)
Sometimes you’ve just gotta twirl! And what better place to do a cheeky twirl than the bar? That’s where I’d twirl if I was Taylor. (Image: The Crown Sydney)

The room has it all — a pool table, a bar, an office, butler’s quarters, floor-to-ceiling windows, a bath, a steam shower, a fitness room, an infrared sauna, a private infinity pool, an open-air terrace, and of course, views of Sydney Harbour.

Meanwhile, in my Sydney rental, there’s mould in my bedroom, there’s a leak in the bathroom from the awful rainy weather Sydney’s been having and my dog has a habit of stomping the never-ending parade of cockroaches. Oh, how the other half live.

There’s no better place to soak up the natural light than the 10-person living room. (Image: The Crown Sydney)
After a long hard day, I hope Taylor will make use of the gorgeous marble hot tub. She deserves it. I’d add bubbles. (Image: The Crown Sydney)
Oh my god guys!!! Our edit-imaginary Taylor invited Sabrina Carpenter over! She loves the Presidential Suite!!!! (Image: The Crown Sydney)

This suite is a step up from her Melbourne hotel suite at The Crown, which was reportedly $25,000 per night.

Staying one night in the Presidential Villa will set you back a cheeky $38,888. For the average person, I’d say “Woah, calm down, invest it or something” but this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about.

Her rest and recovery is an investment. The woman is worth a whopping $1.7 billion for God’s sake. $38,888 is chump change in comparison. And, with so many people forking out thousands to see her on stage, you know she’s good for it.

Clearly, with all the hard work and effort she’s putting in, Taylor deserves the best. And Taylor, if you’re reading this, let me know if you need some A+ food and drink recommendations when you’re in Sydney.

I’ll hook you up, I promise.