The Weather Forecast For Taylor Swift’s Sydney Eras Tour Is Here & Ya Might Wanna Buy A Poncho

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To help all the Swifties who are making their holy pilgrimage to Sydney for Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour, we’ve listed all weather forecasts so you can prepare to “Shake It Off”.

Oh my GAWD. It honestly feels like it was only yesterday that T-Swizzle dropped the announcement for the Aussie leg of the highly anticipated Eras Tour. And now it’s here.


Although some hardcore fans might’ve prepped their outfits and transport yonks ago, there is always that factor of weather that comes into play. So to prep ya for the Eras Tour — whether you’re there to cry or dance your heart out — we’ve compiled a list of all the weather forecasts for the Eras Tour dates, as per the Baddies Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

What will the weather be like in Sydney for the Eras Tour?

(Image source: Buda Mendes/TAS23 for TAS Rights Management )

Here’s what the good ol’ BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) has forecast for the Sydney Eras Tour dates.

Sydney Night One: Friday, February 23

According to our friends at the BOM, it’ll be partly cloudy with a 90% chance of rain and even a chance of a thunderstorm. Sydney Swifties can expect a minimum of 23 degrees and a max of 34. Throwback to the Reputation Tour where we got absolutely DRENCHED!

Sydney Night Two: Saturday, February 24

The second night is also looking like it’s gonna be a wet one but with a slightly lower chance of showers. The BOM said it’ll be cloudy with a medium chance of showers, most likely during the morning. Hopefully, it’ll pass by the arvo! In terms of the temp, we’re looking at a min of 19 and a max of 25.

Sydney Night Three: Sunday, February 25

The BOM predicts it’ll be cloudy with only a slight chance of a shower (just 30%!). Much like with the previous night, the temp is a min of 17 and a max of 27. And here’s me wishing I’d gone with the Sunday instead…

Sydney Night Four: Monday, February 26

According to BOM, Monday Swifties will be treated to a “mostly sunny” day, however, there is a 10% chance of rain later in the day. Temperatures are set to hit a max of 27 and a min of 19. It’s giving humid and sticky!!!

Where to buy rain ponchos in Australia

So, are you going to need a rain jacket or poncho? We’d recommend packing one just in case. If you don’t have one lying around at home, we’ve found a few places to grab a poncho before the night of your life. Oh, and we’ve picked mostly clear ones so you can still see your Eras Tour ‘fits.

Regardless of the weather, Swifties are expected to have a smashing time at the week-long Aussie leg of the Eras Tour.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s ‘fits and friendship bracelets! Should be a super wholesome moment for the Aussie Swiftie fandom.

Meanwhile, wondering where Taylor Swift is staying in Sydney? We’ve got the tea! Check out her lush pad (which is somehow more bougie than her exxy Melbourne set-up).

Image source: Getty Images / Buda Mendes/TAS23