Taylor Swift Has Arrived At The 2024 Super Bowl With A Few Of Her Famous Friends In Tow

There she is!!! Our girl Taylor Swift has arrived at the 2024 Super Bowl with a few of her famous friends in tow. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Taylor is attending this year’s game to support her athlete boo Travis Kelce who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs will be facing off against the San Francisco 49ers at the game later today (here’s how to watch it in Australia, if you’re wondering how TF to tune in).

But there was some concern over whether or not she’d be able to make the game in time given that she is a super busy and important gal who was occupied on the other side of the world performing her lil heart out.

The singer yeeted on over from Tokyo where she was playing the latest leg of her Eras Tour to be at the game and lemme tell ya, it was a race against time.

Taylor Swift arriving at the 2024 Super Bowl

Taylor Swift arrived alongside Blake Lively and other celeb pals. (Credit: CBS)

Taylor had to jump on her private jet in Tokyo after her gig on Feb 10, and zoom the 13 hours to Las Vegas for the 10:30am kick-off.

Over the weekend, an insider told Us Weekly that Taylor “is doing everything in her power to show up tomorrow for the Super Bowl.”

And against all odds, she bloody made it!!!

Taylor was joined by her famous friends Blake Lively and Ice Spice along with mama Andrea Swift.

Peep the footage below:

Here’s more footage of the gorgeous gals making their way to their comfortable seated area (imagine the goodies in the corporate box!!!):

She was also spotted mingling with her good pal Lana Del Rey (who is a fan of the 49ers, which might explain why she’s not with Taylor):

After the game, she’ll have to fly straight from Las Vegas to Melbourne to begin her Aussie Eras Tour leg.

Damn, I hope she stretched first. Who’s the real athlete here, Travis or Tay?