Ex-NFL Star Claims Taylor Swift Got Kanye West Booted From Her Section At The Super Bowl

When Taylor Swift said “now we’ve got bad blood,” she wasn’t kidding. And apparently that bad blood spilled out into the 2024 Super Bowl the other day as a new report is claiming that the singer got her longtime nemesis Kanye West booted from the game. BTW I know the song is about Katy Perry, but I’m sure there was a bit of Kanye thrown in there, so let me have this.

The tea comes via ex NFL star Brandon Marshall who played in the league from 2006-2018 for a number of teams. Speaking on his Paper Route podcast earlier this week, the former athlete alleged that Kanye intentionally bought tickets right in front of where Taylor would be sitting to watch her boo Travis Kelce battle the San Francisco 69ers with his team the Kansas City Chiefs.

Taylor Swift and her excited friends at the 2024 Super Bowl, no Kanye West in sight.

Taylor Swift and her excited friends at the 2024 Super Bowl, no Kanye West in sight. (Credit: CBS Sports)

Marshall claimed on the pod that Tay Tay “made a call or two” to have Kanye booted out after finding out he had deliberately bought tickets that were in her area.

“So Kanye West pulls up to the Super Bowl. Kanye West buys a ticket right in front of Katy Perry’s booth so anytime they are gonna be showing Katy Perry, Kanye’s face was going to be there — he had a mask on with his logo on the mask,” Marshall said, before correcting himself and saying Taylor Swift.

“So Taylor Swift gets pissed off [and] she makes a call or two — everybody is involved — [and] he gets kicked out the stadium,” Marshall continued, claiming that the rapper was trying to “leverage” Swift’s celebrity status to “make some” money whenever she was shown on the screen at the game.

“So then you got to go back to the beef, you know, of him cutting her off when she’s winning a Grammy and said Beyoncé should have won it,” the ex Denver Broncos player added.

“So that’s what he tried to do. He tried to sit in front of Taylor Swift yesterday.”

But can we really believe what this guy says?

Look, he may have insider knowledge, but like with all spots of tea, I would take it with a huge grain of salt! Or sugar, since that goes better with tea.

Especially since TMZ reported that Kanye did attend the Super Bowl with his Aussie missus Bianca Censori. Although the site noted that at one point he was spotted with a stadium worker, but maybe they were just guiding the rapper to his seat? Who knows!

All we know is that Taylor Swift had an absolute ball, both teams had fun, and that’s all we care about!

After the Chiefs creamed the 69ers, the athletes and accompanying celebs jetted off to a lush afterparty.

The guest list included Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes, Miles TellerBlake LivelyWinnie Harlow and Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce. No Kanye in sight? What a shock!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrating the Super Bowl win.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrating the Super Bowl win. (Credit: Pop Crave)

Queen’s iconic celebratory tune “We Are the Champions” played loudly across the venue as the group enjoyed bottle service in the club’s VIP area.

The Super Bowl fun ended for parents Brittany and Patrick at around 3:30 a.m. US time when they returned home to their kiddies, meanwhile Taylor and Travis rallied until around 5:15 a.m. with more dancing and a special delivery of chicken fingers and fries.

Cop all the tea from the 2024 Super Bowl afterparty and see what went down with Taylor and her famous friends during the game.