Everyone’s Calling Objectively Hot MAFS Couple Ella And Mitch The Horniest Of The Lot

Ella Mitch MAFS 2022

Folks are calling objectively hot Married At First Sight couple Ella and Mitch the horniest pair of the lot this season. And after Tuesday night’s episode, I don’t blame ‘em.

In case you missed it, the Melbourne-based beautician and Queensland financial planner slash model got hitched and then proceeded to eye-fuck each other for a schlong too many minutes in tonight’s ep.

From their private reception dinner where they had oysters (of all foods), the pair had uncomfortably intense sexual chemistry.

Ella licked her lips profusely as Mitch literally breathed. Seconds later and they were smacking their lips together like they were the last people on Earth. Uncomfortably loud and cartoon kissing sounds plus some aggressively heterosexual energy included.

After dinner the pair chatted in the cab home and danced around the “so let’s fuck” convo. Like, a lot.

Ella then told the producers she doesn’t hook up with someone until the third date but then began to ponder whether the marriage counts as one. Girlie, I see you. And I respect you. I have and probably will be you.

When the pair got ready for bed, Ella asked Mitch whether he sleeps naked. She made a very uncomfortable note that he is hairless as she traced her fingers over his chest. What was this, a scene from Wattpad?

I lived, I loved and most importantly I laughed. As did the colourfully worded folks on Twitter who begged the experts to issue the pair a “go-to horny jail” card.

Here are the best reactions to Ella and Mitch’s immaculately horny vibes in the Tuesday night ep of Married At First Sight.



Stick a fork in me because I’m absolutely done after reading these last few tweets.

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