We’ve Just Copped A Heap Of Behind-The-Scenes Goss About MAFS & Ooft, We’re In For Some Drama

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Ooh boi, MAFS 2022 kicked off with a bang last night as we were introduced to the new crop of brides and grooms in the premiere episode.

Naturally, a heap of tea has already been spilled about the MAFS Season 9 contestants, so let’s delve into everything we’ve learned so far, shall we?

The cast “did not get along”

It should come as no surprise that there’ll be a fuck ton of in-fighting this year, particularly involving the brides.

A sneaky source told the So Dramatic! podcast that while the guys were relatively “chill”, the gals “did not get along” at all and it’s the misogyny for me.

“The guys all get along with each other and had the best time,” they said. “It was the wives who were not chill and did not get along.

“They create all the drama.”

If MAFS history is anything to go by, I’m sure some of the blokes will be acting like absolute turkeys as well. Marks my words.

This year’s villains revealed

The source went on to out this year’s villains and honestly, I’m not surprised after watching last night’s ep.

Apparently the main trouble makers are Domenica CalarcoOlivia Frazer and Tamara Djordjevic.

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Dom in particular is said to be the main source of drama. A source revealed she “will get a lot of airtime” because “she says it exactly how it is but it gets her into trouble”.

The source also spilled about Tamara, claiming “she was horrible from the get-go” adding that “she is definitely one of the villains”.

Big shocker there.

Who’s in it show for fame

While I’m sure almost all of them are in it for the Instagram followers, the insider insists that Dom in particular is gunning for likes rather than love.

“All I know is that I don’t think she’s on [the show] for love,” the source insisted.

Partner swaps, like death and taxes, are inevitable

Although sexologist Alessandra Rampolla previously claimed that there will be no partner swapping allowed this year, the source said that’s BS.

The insider revealed that at the hens night, Tamara bragged about eyeing off other blokes if hers isn’t up to scratch.

“She said, ‘If I don’t like my husband, no doubt I will go for someone else’s’,” the source recalled. “Instantly the brides were all on edge thinking they needed to watch their backs.”

It’s the “best season yet”

The insider insists that this is the “best season yet,” and from what we’ve seen so far, we’re inclined to agree!

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