Fans Are Calling MAFS’ Mitch A Secret Member Of The Wiggles After His Look In Tonight’s Ep

MAFS mitch turtleneck meme

Married At First Sight stans compared this season’s once objectively hot groom Mitch to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jeff from the Wiggles and more because of his outfit in Tuesday night’s MAFS episode.

The Queensland financial planner slash model gave us a cheeky ‘90s throwback in the episode when he sported a soft purple turtleneck and jeans combo.

Or as PEDESTRIAN.TV’s MAFS recapper Chantelle Schmidt put it: “some kind of turtleneck-wearing 80’s pornstar, minus the moustache because he has stunted hair growth”.

It was like if a Bond villain from the Swedish alps was in that snow scene with Lady Gaga from House of Gucci. You know the one.

Can you imagine if Mitch turned to Ella and said, “babe, there’s something I need to tell you. Something that’s a big part of who I am that I need to share with you. Hot potato, hot potato”.

You know, instead of telling his on-screen wife that he thought a five-minute passionate make-out sesh was lame.

The internet turned the look into the show’s new meme as the episode aired.

“I knew I’d seen Mitch before,” wrote one user, who compared Mitch with a blonde mullet-wearing Boy George in his prime.

Another called the MAFS star’s new look “a smidgen of Steve Jobs, the purple Wiggle and Darren Hayes together”. I see it and I fuck with it.

Here were the best tweets about Mitch’s purple turtleneck on Married At First Sight on Tuesday night.

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