Twitter Reckons Brent’s Hot Best Man Should Be In MAFS Next Season & Give Them Want They Want

My friends, we have made it. We’ve powered our way through the MAFS premiere and God, it’s good to be back.

MAFS brought us the two things social media most desperately craves: 1) a hot best man who’s not actually on the show but should be and 2) a DILF with a heart of gold.

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I realised how happy I was to be in the warm embrace of MAFS when Al, one of the contestants, was asked to describe an insecurity. He thought long and hard before replying: “My legs…they aren’t as muscly as I want them to be”.

Pure gold. Me too, Al!

First, to the hot best man Levi.

Levi is Brent’s best mate. Brent works in a nightclub. Brent was matched up with Tamara who had some choice (read: offensive) things to say about people who work in retail and hospitality.

Levi was displeased, Brent called Tamara pretentious and a “psychopath”, Tamara got mad at Brent for handing her a knife upside down (seriously, read the recap). Let’s see how this goes!

Now, Levi was an absolute hit with the good people of Twitter and I think he should come back next season.

He’s already being shipped with Tamara’s maid of honour.

MAFS producers, you know what to do.

Then, we have the aforementioned DILF, Anthony. He was paired up with fellow hot single parent Selin and the people were loving it.

Anthony also wrestles in his spare time. We love a man with a hobby!

The people are INVESTED. Also, both of them had aunties at their “wedding” who had broken arms. Surely a sign that they’re destined to be together forever.

Weirdly though, the MAFS marriage counsellors described Anthony and Selin as an “older couple” despite them both being in their 30s. Millennials are allowed to go on TV too!

So look, after ep one, I have two things to say: more DILFs and more Levi. For all your MAFS news, updates, cast info and of course, recaps, head right HERE to find it in one handy place.