The Bachelor’s Locky Gilbert & Irena Srbinovska Just Got Engaged And Yes, For Real This Time

It’s finally happened, folks. Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska from season eight of The Bachelor have officially become engaged. They’re all set to tie the knot — and Locky’s really into adventuring so presumably he absolutely loves tying knots.

The couple announced their engagement via Instagram on Saturday afternoon, because this is the year 2022 and there is simply no other way to share engagement news.

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“Mrs Gilbert has a nice ring to it,” the couple wrote. Haha, get it? Ring. And it is a fkn gorgeous ring if you ask me.

Locky Gilbert told WHO magazine that he proposed during a hike in the Grampians. I can’t think of anything less romantic than getting my toes frozen off but hey, whatever floats your boat. 

“Irena was standing in front of the waterfall for what she thought was a photo when I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me,” he said. 

“It was absolutely perfect. Waterfalls and hiking are so us, so it was only fitting that I propose at the waterfall.”

The pair have been together since The Bachelor wrapped up filming in 2020.

Locky’s season of The Bachelor was kind of a weird one. Locky made it abundantly clear that he liked being in the great outdoors, which kind of seemed to be 99% of his personality on the show.

I remember Locky’s season far less for Locky himself and more for the contestants. It featured Bella Varelis, Juliette Herrera and Bec Cvilikas who have all used the Bachie platform to launch an influencing career.

There was even a rumour at the time that Bella ripped Locky a new one in an edited out finale scene after he dumped her on national TV. Yeesh.

Since then, Irena has managed to keep herself out of the news and Locky has …not.

Most recently he appeared on SAS Australia. During the show he claimed to not have any emotions (???) and then hypothesised that the reason he was booted from the show was because he was too “alpha”. Sounds very legit.

Regardless, Irena seems nice so we wish her well.

It’s fun that the couple has legit announced their engagement seeing as there was that whole seemingly-accidental-engagement-reveal back in 2021.

ICYMI Locky posted a pic with Irena where she was a big fuck-off diamond ring on the ~special romance finger~.

But it seems that ring was definitely a ruse. 

And the year before that there was another engagement rumour. Rottnest Island (you know, the place with all the quokkas) seemed to accidentally leak the couple’s engagement in 2020. 

Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska posted a pic from the island. Then, as spotted by So Dramatic, the official Rottnest Island Instagram account commented: “congratulations on your engagement! That’s one ‘Locky’ quokka”. 

Incredibly cute message, but the couple weren’t actually engaged. 

But now they officially are — and from the Bachelor’s very own mouth too.