Locky Dined With His Bachie Exes & Posted A Receipt To Prove They Paid In 2020’s Weirdest Flex

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The Bachelor 2020 might be over, but Locky Gilbert is still serving us cooked energy on his Instagram.

The Survivor star visited the Coogee Pavilion (which will have the locals cringing ‘cos he pronounces it Coo-gee), with his Bachie winner, Irena Srbinovska along with her fellow contestants, Juliette Herrera and Bella Colwell, a.k.a. girls he dumped, like, five minutes ago.

As if dining with two of your recent exes, plus the girl who beat them out, so soon after filming, mind you, isn’t awkward enough, this story gets weirder.

Buckle up, mates.

For some reason, Locky Gilbert felt the need to share a video of himself flashing the receipt and insisting that the group paid for their meals which is… nice?

“We’re just down here at the Coo-gee Pavilion with the crew. Beautiful food here,” he began (it’s true, try the salmon). “But for people who think we’re trying to ask for free food, we are not!”

He added, “We are more than happy to pay for our food and support business.”

Peep the video here, as shared by the So Dramatic! podcast:

I very much appreciate Locky Gilbert spreading the word about paying for your meals (take note, influencers), but the energy radiating from this video is just too bizarre for my Friday brain to process.

Again, he’s dining with several exes and his new girlfriend, and sharing a receipt from their meal.

What on god’s green earth is the meaning of this?

Last weekend he dined at Bondi restaurant Eden with Irena and Bella (Colwell, not Varellis), and captioned it, “Just your casual day out with the girls.”

He added the hashtag “#thisisnormalright” so at least he’s somewhat acknowledging that it’s… very odd.

Well, stranger things have happened. I guess. Actually, maybe they haven’t. This is just fifty shades of fucked.