Quokka Island’s Social Media Manager Might Have Just Outed Locky & Irena’s Engagement

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

If you need a wee distraction from today, The Bachelor‘s Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska may have gotten engaged. Or, the social media person at Rottnest Island just really jumped the gun.

While celebrating the couple’s visit to Rottnest Island the other day, the tourist destination’s social media manager congratulated them on their “engagement”. No joke.

The comment, which is very much still live, was spotted by none other than So Dramatic!, the goss podcast hosted by Megan Pustetto.

“Congratulations on your engagement!” Rottnest Island commented. “That’s one ‘Locky’ quokka.”

It could absolutely just be some sort of misunderstanding, but it’s still a bit of a “HMM”.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on the couple, Irena just made the move from Sydney to Perth with Locky, after declaring their love for each other on The Bachelor finale (which feels like approximately three million years ago now).

Since then, the loved up pair have pretty much been filling Instagram with aggressively adorable pictures.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time Locky and Irena have sparked engagement rumours.

Last month, fans jumped on the rumour after Irena posted a selfie wearing the sparkly rock Locky got her on Bachie on her ring finger. Well, that’s what it looked like anyway.

Turns out, it was just the selfie mirror effect. Irena later confirmed to the Daily Mail that Locky hadn’t popped the question yet, and laughed off the rumour.

Meanwhile, it’s bloody finales week for Elly and Becky Miles on The Bachelorette. That flew by, hey?

For Elly, it’s between Frazer NeateJoe Woodbury, and Adam Todd, while Becky will have to choose between Pete Mann and Adrian Baena.

It all kicks off tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10.