Ever since The Bachelorette 2020 first kicked off, one name in particular has been poised as the winner: Frazer Neate.

There are a bunch of signs pointing to him winning the heart of one Elly Miles (catch the list of theories here), but after this latest spicy DM leak, I’m not so sure.

The Wash reported that Frazer Neate has been caught sliding into a gal’s DMs, right around the time he’s supposedly with Elly. So either he doesn’t end up winning the thing, or he does win, and he’s a dirty, cheating rat.


But anyway, back to the leaked DM. A gal noticed her friend chatting with the Bachelorette frontrunner and she took a photo of her phone’s screen as they chatted (dog move, but, well, I’d do the same TBH).

“When ya friend talks to the guy on Bachelorette,” she captioned the Insta Story.

No idea what’s being said by either party in the flirty DM, but see if you can make it out here.

What’s interesting is that the Instagram Story was sent to ‘Close Friends’ only, so there’s a small pool of people who woulda sent it in and outed Frazer Neate. Hm…

As I said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Frazer Neate doesn’t win Bachelorette, ‘cos on the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, an unnamed bloke tells host Megan Pustetto that Frazer and Elly had the hots for each other.

“Elly and Frazer were caught on many occasions sneaking off into a private room to hook up,” he revealed.

“No one really kissed the girls in front of the boys at the cocktail parties, we had an agreement that we wouldn’t do that. We later found out that Frazer had broken the bro code and secretly gone off to a private room in the mansion with Elly on a number of occasions during the cocktail parties to hook up with her in private.”

He added, “We didn’t know about it until the very end of the season, when he admitted it to a few of the final boys.”

The Bachelorette Australia continues tonight at 7:30 on Ten.