Apparently Bella Varelis Ripped Locky A New One In An Unaired Scene From The Bachie Finale

As history tells us, the folks editing The Bachelor episodes just bloody love to cut shit out to make things work for the narrative they’re spinning, which we love for them, but not so much for us.

In our interview with Bella Varelis last week after The Bachelor finale, she revealed that some wild moments were excluded from the ep, including Locky Gilbert screaming “Fuck!” as she walked away.

Bella Varelis

Bella leaving The Bachelor in a blaze of glory.

Now, in the most recent ep of the So Dramatic! podcast, it’s been revealed that even more spicy scenes weren’t shown in The Bachelor.

“Bella put Locky and Irena on blast big time after she was rejected,” host Megan Pustetto claimed. “She told Locky that he was a hypocrite, that he lied to her, and had no moral backbone. She also went on a rant about Irena, claiming that she had manipulated and lied to him and lied to the girls the whole time.

“She finished it off by saying that they deserve each other, and that’s when she said, ‘Can I leave now?’”

However, that was conveniently cut out of The Bachelor finale ‘cos it would’ve made both Locky and his winner look bad.

If I had special hacking abilities, I would most definitely find a way to access the savage moment that Bella ripped Locky a new one.

Now that would’ve made some damn good TV.

During our interview with Bella, she said that she “wished him luck over my [Instagram] Stories that I’ve put up and the media I’ve done.”

She added, “I do wish him the best, but just like in a real relationship, I wouldn’t be messaging the guy that’s left me for someone else.”

She also said that she’s moved on from Bachie drama since “it happened such a long time ago.”

“Honestly, the nitty-gritty details don’t matter anymore,” she said. “It happened such a long time ago and at the end of the day, when you’re in love, you say and do stupid things. So, yes, there were things I probably should’ve internalised, but as you can see, I am that person that if I can sense someone is being shady, I will call them out on their bullshit.”

Check out the full ep of the latest So Dramatic! podcast here.