Locky’s Using A Lame Technicality To Justify What He Said To Bella & I’m Not Buying It, M8

Following The Bachelor finale last night, punters are hating on Locky Gilbert for being a total fuck boi and telling both Irena Srbinovska and Bella Varelis that he loves them.

In an attempt to save face, Locky is trying to wiggle out of the whole thing by saying that he *technically* didn’t say that he loves Bella.

Let’s review, shall we?

In the episode, after Locky tells Bella that he’s rolling with Irena, Bella says, “I don’t get it, yesterday you told me you were in love with me.”

Locky starts sobbing, then responds with, “I am in love with you.”

During his apperance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show alongside winner Irena, Locky said that it’s become “a hot topic” and cleared up that he “didn’t say that exact same thing.”

Shock jock Jackie ‘O’ Henderson tried to fill in the blanks by saying: “When you said, ‘I’ve fallen in love…’” to which he clarified, “Fallen and falling,” as if to say that they are two totally different things.

Locky implied that he’d told Bella he was “falling in love” with her, but wasn’t quite there yet, whereas he had told Irena that he’d already “fallen in love” with her.

Honestly, I need to have a lie down after just writing that.

He later brought up the ~lurve~ discussion while elaborating on his decision to choose Irena over Bella.

“I was in love with both of them, but they were both two completely different futures,” he said. Yep, still not any clearer.

It comes after a sneaky insider told The Wash that Locky had given Bella “a lot of reassurance that it was going to be her at the end,” claiming that “he even texted her saying he couldn’t wait to make her happy for the rest of her life and talked about engagement rings.”

The production source said that last night’s finale has “been heart shattering for her.”

“All of the girls and the crew expected it was going to be Bella at the end,” the insider added. “After filming, the other girls were all sending her messages and saying things like ‘we know you can’t say, but we know you’re with him’. She had to put on a brave face and act like she was okay, trying not to give away the outcome.”

Either we’re reading the whole sitch wrong, or Locky’s been an absolute asshole to Bella. IDK what to believe…