Bella Varelis Exposes Troll Who’s Been Sending Her A Heap Of Vile Body-Shaming DMs On Insta

Bella Varelis might be donezo with reality TV, but she’s still in the public eye via her booming social media pages and, sadly, she’s therefore still in the firing line for nasty trolls.

This year’s The Bachelor runner-up took to Instagram to reveal the nasty, body-shaming comments she cops from her followers, as reported by The Wash.

One troll in particular, who she exposed in her Instagram Stories, responded to Bella’s recent bikini shots, writing: “What she’s so proud of?” adding that she has “no tits or hips” and her bottom half is a “strange shape.”

“People like this are the reason young women and men struggle with body image and self-esteem,” Bella wrote.

“It disgusts me that this person thinks it’s okay to even comment negatively on another human’s physical appearance. Issues with body image can lead to eating disorders, depression and anxiety which is something I used to deal with personally and I do not take this lightly.”

She concluded, “Although I wish it didn’t affect me, I am still human. Check yourself.”

Well said, Bella. Well said.

The reality star turned influencer recently let loose in a spicy tell-all YouTube video where revealed a heap of tea about her stint on the show and what she’s got planned for the future.

In the video, titled ‘Q&A // The truth about how I felt walking into finale, dealing with heartbreak and what’s next’, she said that she doesn’t “regret anything.”

“At the end of the day everything happens for a reason. I’m actually really grateful that Locky dumped me.” Fair call.

She also discussed her ex Locky Gilbert and his Bachie winner, her bestie-turned-arch-nemesis Irena Srbinovska, who ultimately won the show.

“Locky was just a big lesson for me,” Bella continued. “It was just the universe telling me this human isn’t my human, and it wasn’t meant to be my happily ever after, but it’ll happen.”

Bella Varelis alongside Locky Gilbert in the batshit Bachelor finale. (Credit: Ten)

Bella went on to explain that she’s genuinely happy for Locky and Irena, however, if they were to break-up, she would “definitely not” take him back, and again, fair call.

“After everything that Locky said to me, and for him to to not follow through with the relationship, I knew he wasn’t the kind of person I’d want to be in a relationship with anyway,” Bella concluded.

Catch the full video below for more Bachie tea: