Bella Says Locky Just Straight-Up Screamed ‘FUUCCKK’ After That Brutal Dumping On Bachie

Bella Varelis

Look, watching Locky Gilbert dump Bella Varelis on national TV after he told her he loved her was brutal. It’s not exactly the fairytale ending Bella wanted after signing up for The Bachelor, but what can you do? PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Bella this morning, here’s what she had to say about, well, everything.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: I mean, where do we even begin? How are you?

Bella: Oh, honestly, what a bloody rollercoaster! I feel like my head is going to explode, but I honestly can’t believe the positive comments and love I’ve been getting. I’m shocked.

I have no words to describe how I’ve been feeling this last day. It’s almost invigorating to feel like the chapter has finally closed on that.

PTV: Yeah, I can only imagine. So, did you watch last night’s episode in full?

B: I did, yes. I’m the type of person that likes to be aware, and I didn’t want it to be sitting in the back of my head. I didn’t want to question how it came across, or wonder what got shown. It was the closure I needed, I felt like it was the last little cry that I needed to get out.

I was sitting there and thinking, “No, I’m not going to cry. I’m fine, I’m fine.” And then I watched back the part where he told me that he loved me and I just, it was almost like this emotional relief that I was holding back to protect myself even more. But the champagne I had well and truly got it out of me [laughs].

So yeah, I do think I got closure and I do wish the best for them. At the end of the day, it is Locky’s love story and he’s found the person that he wants to be with for the rest of his life.

Good on him and hopefully I can have a little fairytale ending too.

PTV: Of course! I think the bit I’m struggling with the most is Locky telling you both that he loved you. Do you think he should have done that? Obviously in the moment, it’s the best thing you can hear from your boyfriend.

B: Yeah! Look, honestly, if I was in Locky’s position, I would’t have said it until I was sure which person I was going to end up with. I mean, yes you can love aspects of different people, but I feel like you can only be in love with the person that you choose.

So look, that was Locky’s truth and who am I to say if that’s how he really felt or not. But ultimately, Locky knew how important those three words were to me and it would’ve been nice if he saved it.

Watching it back, it gave me the reassurance that although Locky has such a good heart, he’s not my human. And I think I want someone that knows they love me and knows they want to be with me. I don’t want to be with someone that questions that.

PTV: So after Locky told you he loved you, were you confident going into the final ceremony?

B: Yeah, ‘cos how can you tell someone that you want to make them happy for the rest of their life, unless you really want to follow through with that? That’s not something I take lightly.

(After this interview, The Wash published an anonymous source saying Locky texted Bella prior to the finale, reassuring her she’d be the winner. Unfortunately, it was a bit too late to confirm with Bella.)

So, for me, I was thinking surely I’ll be with him. But there was this niggling feeling in the pit of my stomach. I tell you, I reckon it was my womanly instinct being like, “Bells, something isn’t right.”

PTV: Okay, so you walk up to Locky and he starts crying. What do you think?

B: I was still confused at that point. Was he crying because he just broke up with Irena [Srbinovska], who he also has very strong feelings for, or is he crying because he’s about to break up with me?

It sunk in when he said, “I just feel so bad”. Like, oh… right, okay.

And then I was like, “Walls up, protect yourself at all costs”.

It was a weird moment.

PTV: Did Locky give you a proper goodbye, by the way?  You delivered your excellent line of , “Can I leave?” and walked away. Was that it?

B: Yeah, he just let me walk off. I did actually hear him scream, “FUCK” [laughs]. As I was walking off, halfway up the driveway, he screamed, “fuck” at the top his lungs and I didn’t turn around. I remember my producer looking at me and I was just like, “Don’t.”

I just wanted to get into the car. Once the door closed and it was all over I just cried.

So I guess that was Locky’s final goodbye.

PTV: Have you spoken to Locky since?

B: No, and I don’t think I will.

I have wished him luck over my [Instagram] Stories that I’ve put up and the media I’ve done. I do wish him the best, but just like in a real relationship, I wouldn’t be messaging the guy that’s left me for someone else.

PTV: Fair enough! So those last few episodes were really focused on the drama between yourself and Irena. Is there anything you want to say about that?

B: Honestly, the nitty-gritty details don’t matter anymore. It happened such a long time ago and at the end of the day, when you’re in love, you say and do stupid things. So, yes, there were things I probably should’ve internalised, but as you can see, I am that person that if I can sense someone is being shady, I will call them out on their bullshit.

The only thing that has been hurting me is seeing the rumours come out, all that stuff about body-shaming, which is not what happened at all. And it just broke my heart. That is not something I take lightly at all. I’ve been body-shamed in the past and I would never do that to someone, so I think that really hurt for people to come out and say that.

I do think it was really lovely to see some of the girls come out and have my back though, I wasn’t expecting that at all.

PTV: And have you spoken to Irena since?

B: No.

PTV: And do you want to?

B: No [laughs].

PTV: Again, fair enough!

B: I think shit happens. Sometimes friendships are like relationships and they just don’t work out, you know?

PTV: Yeah, absolutely. Alright, so earlier on in the season – and even right now – there have been so many rumours about you, from being an actor to having a clause in your contract about making the final two. Thoughts?

B: Oh my God, yeah. Honestly, I’ve been finding out new things about myself every day [laughs]. Like, I didn’t date Cody Simpson in LA. I never moved to LA, I’ve never acted! I’ve never even tried to, so when people are calling me a shocking actor it’s because well, yeah, I’m not bloody acting!

It’s little things like that – I just can’t win. At the beginning of the season apparently I had a predetermined agreement with Locky that I was going to win. And then at the end of the season, I had a contract that I was going to come runner-up. Like honestly, no matter what I said or did, there was something new that was going to come out.

And going back to Irena – at the end of the day, it was between Irena and I. And, there was a lot that was cut out. It’s just better staying between Irena and I. It happened bloody months ago now, I’m so over it.

PTV: And finally, what’s next for you?

B: I think I just need to be in a relationship with myself for a little bit.  I want to do me and get back into life. Nothing in particular, just back into work. I think I’ll try and do a little bit of travelling up to Byron and spend some time in the sun because it’s where I’m happiest.