It’s finals week, baby! After Zoe-Clare‘s ranga rant, Love in Lockdown, and Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska‘s friendship going to shit, it’s finally time to see who the bachelor Locky Gilbert chose. I’m an impatient little menace though, so I thought I’d round up all the rumours, theories, and general gossip surrounding the finale. Just for some pre-finale fun, y’know?

What do we actually know?

PEDESTRIAN.TV caught up with Locky back in August to talk l-o-v-e.

“I am head over heels in love right now and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Locky said, adding that he definitely, definitely doesn’t pull a Honey Badger.

For those unfamiliar with the term “Honey Badger”, it’s a reference to former Bachelor Nick Cummins, who chose neither woman in his finale.

Ahead of finale week, Locky spoke to New Idea about how things are tracking.

Locky said he’s beyond excited “to be able to finally say it aloud … who I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with.”

He did, however, reveal that he’s currently physically separated from his girlfriend because of border restrictions.

“It’s a pretty crazy time at the moment, so because of that … we haven’t been able to catch up much.”

So that might explain why he’s been spotting swanning around Perth with other people. Maybe.

Aight, with all that out of the way, let’s get into all the rumours.

Locky gets rejected by his finale pick

Okay, this did the rounds yesterday. And for good reason too, because it is absolutely nuts.

In short, the Daily Mail heard whispers that Locky gets rejected by the winner and then begs the runner-up to give him a second chance.


For what it’s worth, we do know that Locky ends up falling in love with two women. We saw him talk about it in all the promos leading up to his season premiere.

(Rewatching that, Ch10 did advertise The Bachelor finale as “an ending you won’t believe”. Hmm.)

So, according to DM, Locky picks Bella over Irena, only to be dumped because she doesn’t like the fact that Locky is also in love with Irena. Locky freaks, runs after Irena, and begs for a second chance, which she gives him.

Reality TV podcast So Dramatic! said these claims are absolutely false though, so make of it what you will.

The theory of two endings

Sources, grain of salt, told goss-goss site The Wash that Channel 10 filmed two different endings to avoid leaks.

“They filmed two endings, one where Bella wins and one where Irena wins so most of the crew wouldn’t actually know who wins,” the source said.

“Locky was also told to look confused and have a bit of an emotional moment for the cameras like he couldn’t make up his mind, this was all planned.”


I think this source is saying that Locky knew who he was going to pick. Producers just wanted to mix things up for the views.

This is surely just gossip, right? Like, if there are actual feelings involved then this is just plain cruel.

Hate it, NEXT.

The whole thing’s rigged

This rumour happens every year, I swear.

In the latest episode of So Dramatic!, host Megan Pustetto, said the whole show is rigged.

Citing a “very well-placed source”, Megan said Bella was “predetermined to make the final two from the very beginning.”

There was apparently a clause written into her contract with Warner Bros., that her manager negotiated on her behalf.

“Bella also had a clause in her contract that she would be guaranteed to make the top two,” Megan said. “

“She was signed to an agent for acting and was supposed to move to LA this year, but then it got postponed because The Bachelor offer came up through this agent.

“To make it worthwhile, they made sure she would be in the final two. She’s only doing the show to promote herself and her career.”

But wait, there’s more.

Apparently, Locky had a stronger connection with intruder Bec Cvilikas and wanted to send Bella home after she went on about Irena at that cocktail party.

But, because of the “clause”, he had to put on a show about smoothing things over with Bella.

Locky and the winner have already split

Okay, this theory is all dependent on Locky choosing Irena.

Earlier this month, Irena posted a picture from The Bachelor‘s Love in Lockdown chapter.

The post itself wasn’t anything groundbreaking, it was literally just Irena smiling at the camera with a laptop in her hands.

This one.

The post was flooded with supportive comments from Bachie fans. One of them even dunked on Locky.

A fan commented: “You’re too good for him tho!!!”

And, Irena liked it.

There’s every chance Irena is just messing with us, but the simple ‘like’ was enough to throw fans into a frenzy.

Theory A: Locky chose Irena and they’ve already split.

Theory B: Locky chose Bella.

Theory C: Again, Irena is just messing with us.

A spokesperson for Channel 10 responded (not really) to the rumour, telling the Daily Telegraph that Locky is still dating his chosen woman.

Locky and the winner are still together, but things are kind of awks

Basically, Locky has apparently been talking to other women while filming The Bachelor. Plus, he’s also liked a lot of other women’s pictures on Instagram.

As always, So Dramatic! has all the goss.

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As revealed on the latest episode of So Dramatic! During Lockydown, our CEO superspreader @lockygilbert went on an unhinged liking spree on Instagram and was giving out love hearts left right and center to a number of stunning girls in bikinis and lingerie! ❤️❤️❤️ On his hit list were quite a few reality TV babes including @ellymiles @francoisedraschler @jessiereneewynter and @travelsofclaire @laurenalex___ (I’ve attached a small selection of the screenshots from my stalking over a couple of days – imagine how many there would be for the whole three months!)???? Do you think this is appropriate behaviour for The Bachelor when he’s already “dating” 10 other women? ????????‍♀️???????? #thebachelorau #thebachelor #superspreader

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Naturally, this sparked a debate over whether or not it’s appropriate for Locky to be liking other women’s photos.

Former Bachelorette Angie Kent absolutely obliterated him for it.

In a comment on the So Dramatic! post, Angie said she finds it “super disrespectful when dudes who have girlfriends go on cute little liking sprees of babes in bathers or lingerie.”

Speaking to New Idea, a source said the winner was understandably upset by the whole thing.

“No woman wants to find out her boyfriend has been flirting with other women – especially so publicly on social media where everyone can see it.”

The Bachelor continues tonight, 7.30pm on Channel 10.