An Alleged “Body-Shaming Incident” Played A Part In Bella And Irena’s Bachie Beef

Bella, Irena, Bachelor

The So Dramatic podcast always comes though with the piping hot Bachelor tea, and in the latest episode, host Megan Pustetto provided some much-needed context around the fight that’s been brewing between Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska.

The two fell out in a big way this week, as Bella appeared jealous of the attention that her friend was getting from bachelor Locky. Their feud came on suddenly, and the background involves a wild tale of cliques, jealousy and friends becoming enemies.

Pustetto claims that, while Bachelor producers did not show the full story, one reason behind it was the “obvious underlying jealousy” that developed when Bella realised that Irena and Locky had a close connection, and that she couldn’t remain friends with her biggest love rival.

The actual catalyst for the fight, however, was an alleged “body-shaming incident” that took place. While the details are not clear, the timeline (as laid out by So Dramatic) appears to be as follows:

  • Irena told Steph that Bella had “body-shamed” her;
  • Steph confronted Bella, who denied it;
  • Then she confronted Irena and called her a liar;
  • Bella turned into a “full savage” and recruited a new gang of her own to go against Irena;
  • This new “mean girl clique” included Izzy, Madi and Steph, who backed Bella against Irina and began icing her out.

Are you still following along with this Game Of Thrones-like Bachelor intrigue? Because I’m absolutely not. ANYWAY, it continues:

  • The mean girl clique devised a fiendish plan to tell Locky “just how bad” Irena was, that she was manipulative, and had lied about things, including “a secret plan to destroy Izzy”;
  • The clique backed Bella, thinking that getting in her good books would get them more screen time.

The feud reportedly continues all the way up until the end of the season, and according to So Dramatic, it gets so nasty that the other girls didn’t want to be around either Bella or Irena by the end of it, for fear that someone would get thrown under the bus.

So how are thing between Bella and Irena now? “To this day, they are no longer friends,” Pustetto says. Oof. I guess we’ll find out what happens this week, when The Bachelor returns on Wednesday at 7.30.