Did Irena Really Draw Over Bella’s Kiss On Bachie Last Night? An Important Investigation

Fuck me, it looks like The Bachelor frontunners Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska are drawing out their schoolyard drama ‘cos their latest Bachie bust-up is petty as hell.

During last night’s ep of the Channel Ten dating series, the ladies underwent a task where they had to draw on a blindfolded Locky Gilbert, guided by an intimacy coach.

What the… (Credit: Ten)

The girls were basically told to use him as a human doodle bear – no, I’m not talking about a bear with a dick (get your minds out of the gutter, you grubs), I’m talking about that bear that you passed around on the last day of school and got people to sign their names on.

These cute but cursed items:

“You rock, don’t ever change.”

Anyway, back to the ep.

So Bella puts lippy on her lips then kisses Locky on the chest, leaving a kiss print. Then shortly after, her bestie-turned-nemesis Irena walks in and draws a love heart in the same space.

Naturally Bella, the same girl who once said “friendship over”, lost her shit at Irena for supposedly trying to sabotage her.

It’s all for naught, anyway, ‘cos Steph ends up winning the date anyway (if you can call it ‘winning’… the prize was a night at Sydney Olympic Park lol), but still, punters have lost their minds over the ordeal.

So the question is, did Irena intentionally scribble over Bella’s kiss or was she reading too much into it?

Let’s look closer, shall we?

As you can see, the lip print is still visible, but, erm, yeah… that love heart is definitely crossing over the lips, so it kinda looks like she was trying to stand out to Locky and, in turn, set Bella off.