Izzy Said We’re ‘Not Seeing The Full Story’ On Bachie In A Spicy Now-Deleted Insta Comment

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was one helluva shitshow, wasn’t it? (Check out our recap here for the tea).

But as is tradition with Bachie lately, what goes down on social media is waaay spicier than what’s happening on-screen and the latest incident is quite the doozy.

The spice-hunters over at The Wash noticed that Bachie babe Izzy Sharman-Firth posted an intriguing comment on Instagram, before swiftly deleting it, which seems hella suss.

When a viewer posted a comment speculating that Bella Varelis’ “insecurities are ruining her chances with Locky Gilbert,” Izzy dropped the following cryptic response:

Credit: Instagram via The Wash.

“Or maybe you’re just not seeing the full story,” the fan wrote. OoOoOoOoOh.

Izzy’s obvs hinting that there’s heavy editing at play and therefore some details may have been omitted and it sounds like she’s team Bella, here.

If you watched last night’s ep as well, you might be confused about which gal to side with, too, ‘cos both ladies displayed some bizarre (read: childish) antics while vying for Locky’s heart.

The gals underwent a task where they had to draw on a blindfolded Locky, guided by an intimacy coach.

So Bella puts lippy on her lips then kisses Locky on the chest, leaving a kiss print. Then shortly after, her bestie-turned-nemesis Irena Srbinovska walks in and draws a love heart in the same space.

Naturally Bella, the same girl who once said “friendship over”, lost her shit at Irena for supposedly trying to sabotage her.

It’s all for naught, anyway, ‘cos Steph ends up winning the date anyway (if you can call it ‘winning’… the prize was a night at Sydney Olympic Park lol), but still, punters have lost their minds over the ordeal.

So the question is, did Irena intentionally scribble over Bella’s kiss or was she reading too much into it?

Well, our thorough investigation concluded that she did, indeed, draw the heart OVER Bella’s lip print to stand out (and rile Bella up in the process).

If this is what they did show, I wonder what they didn’t show, as per Izzy’s now-deleted comment. Yikes.