Seedy Saltine Ciarran Reckons New Bachie Jed Is A ‘Ciarran 2.0’ But I Don’t Think Anyone Asked?

ciarran stott the bachelor

Old mate Ciarran Stott has chimed in on the new trio of Bachelor men with an opinion probably shared by nobody except him and his mates.

Bachelor alum Ciarran is much like a tree. A plant, even. Only in the sense that he’s a rather seedy root fiend.

At one point in time after Angie Kent‘s season, the country was simply obsessed with this tatted blondie, but he ultimately suffered a massive fall from grace by acting like an absolute turkey on Bachelor In Paradise.

His antics were so toxic, in fact, that Ten ended up pulling the plug on Bachelor In Paradise shortly after his season wrapped. We’re not implying that it was because of his immature behaviour that the show is on indefinite pause, but the timing was definitely… something to note.

And now, he and his mates reckon that new Bachelor Jedidiah McIntosh is basically a “Ciarran 2.0”.

Sure they’re both blonde and tatted, but I don’t think the girlies at Channel Ten would want anything close to another Ciarran. Just a vibe I get.

Just in case you wanted to compare Jed’s head to Ciarran’s in a side-by-side photoshop, Mr Stott (or one of his mates) has prepared an image for us to be cursed by.

ciarran stott the bachelor
Nightmare blunt rotation.

To make matters worse Ciarran even shared a text exchange to his Instagram story in which him and a mate (or a rando who fkn knows) are laughing over the fact that The Bachelor wants another Ciarran so bad.

Someone get my iPod Nano, there’s a song by Mariah Carey about this exact situation. Ciarran babe, let it go. There are plenty of tatted blonde fish in the sea.

Sure, Jan.

Ciarran isn’t exactly out of touch in complaining about this year’s Bachelors, however, as many fans have already expressed their disappointment in the fact that the show put three scoops of vanilla as their leading men.

You’re telling me you made three slots available for Bachelor boys and not one of them is a person of colour? Mates, we’ve been practically begging for diversity, and this is the shit you pull?