Ciarran Has Apologised To Kiki For Fucking Her Over On BIP & It’s Snowing In The Pits Of Hell

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

International fuck boi Ciarran Stott is trying his darnedest to repair his reputation after the absolute garbage fire that was Bachelor In Paradise 2019.

To do this, he recently sat down for a lengthy chat with the So Dramatic! podcast where he took full responsibility for his trashy antics on the spicy reality series.

One of the things that he totally copped to was treating some of the gals poorly.

“I’ve definitely hurt some people but I’ve since cleared things up with Renee [Barrett], we’re all good,” he told host Megan Pustetto.

“I just apologised for things that happened and that was it.” He also revealed that he’d apologised to Jess Brody and they’re “friends again.”

As for Kiki Morris, he told Megan that he hasn’t spoken to her since the show wrapped because they ended things on such bad terms.

“I’ve never really spoken to Kiki again with everything that happened. I just tried to wipe my hands of everything,” he said.

Kiki Morris with Ciarran Stott on Bachelor In Paradise. (Credit: Ten)

To recap: Ciarran claimed he bumped into Kiki prior to filming BIP and the pair made a pact to form an alliance in the Villa.

Then when he arrived, he’d totally forgotten about the plan and pretty much ditched Kiki and got with other girls, while simultaneously trying to gaslight Kiki into believing they never had a deal to begin with.

“I shouldn’t have had a plan with Kiki before I went in there,” he told So Dramatic!. “I went out partying and met her and said something like ‘Let’s sort out a plan for when we get in there!’

“Then we get in there and I’ve forgotten about it because it was three days of bendering and partying and next minute, she turns out and reminds me and I’m like ‘Oh shit!’”

He added, “I was saying a lot of broken promises to a lot of people in there.”

Now, Ciarran has revealed that he ended up apologising Kiki via text.

Ciarran took it upon himself to hit up the So Dramatic! podcast and let ’em know that following their interview, he reached out to Kiki to say he’s soz.

“He sent her a text message apologising for his actions and wishing her all the best,” Pustetto revealed.

Accountability? From a fuck boi? We love to see it! Mostly because it’s a rare sight indeed.

Have a listen to the latest ep of the So Dramatic! podcast here.