What The Fuck Is Going On With Locky ‘No Emotions’ Gilbert On SAS Australia?

Locky Gilbert smiling next to an image of him allegedly fake-sobbing.

Is it a full moon? Is some random planet in retrograde? What is going on with reality stars gleefully admitting their total lack of compassion for others like it’s normal behaviour?? Locky Gilbert is the latest culprit and someone please check on his fiancé Irena Srbinovska.

The self-titled “fame whore” has, in my opinion, never been particularly charming. But his comments on SAS Australia have confirmed my suspicions: this man is a mess of toxic masculinity and “egotistical” assholery.

Locky, who has been the human embodiment of my personal ick for some time now, was caught out in one of the most ridiculous and unnecessary fake cries ever seen on TV. We’re talking Oscar-worthy sobs and heavy breathing before he was even prompted. It was bizarre and the second-hand embarrassment was real.

In an interview shown alongside the sham-sobbing, Locky gleefully revealed he has the entire process down to an art.

“I can’t remember the last time I had a good cry, I’m not a good crier – and the one thing Irena wants is to see me cry,” he said.

“What I did on The Bachelor, if I knew it was going to be a sad interview, I’d listen to a sad song, it gets you in the mood.

“It’s a really good technique. That’s what made me cry on the finale. I was literally standing on the thing with headphones in as the car rolled up and then [I’d put the] headphones in my pocket,”

Locky is really out here acting like this is completely normal and not at all concerning behaviour.

I really hope Irena isn’t just finding out now that his loving tears were a performance.

This is actually not the only time his crying complex has come up.

“But sometimes you have to cry,” he said in an earlier SAS episode.

“Look at Sam Burgess. Everyone fell in love with him when he cried.”

Ah yes, because crying is a tool used to manipulate others into believing in your sincerity.

If you thought this wasn’t already extremely cooked, Locky has also admitted he resorts to anger when he can’t process emotions. He also justified being emotionally stunted as simply being “a man”.

“I don’t have emotions,” he said.

“I can’t even think of a freaking emotion, don’t talk about emotions”.

Men don’t feel emotions and are callous by nature apparently! We love toxic masculinity!

According to news.com.au, Locky also said he manifests the emotions he lacks as anger. UMMMMM. Irena blink twice if you need help.

“The fact that I don’t show grief, compassion, empathy, I think that kind of comes out in anger and there’s no other way I can express it,” he said.

Men will humiliate themselves on national TV before going to therapy.

Anyway, just gonna leave a list of Narcissistic Personality Disorder symptoms here for completely unrelated reasons.