Locky ‘Egotistical Arsehole’ Gilbert Reckons He Got Booted Off SAS Australia Bc He’s Too Alpha

Locky Gilbert on SAS Australia

Locky Gilbert has finally been thrown out of SAS Australia and honestly it’s amazing everyone was able to put up with him for so long.

I mean, the self-proclaimed “fame whore” has hardly been a favourite on the show. At one point he proclaimed himself “an egotistical arsehole” like it’s some kind of virtue. He also mocked people working “normal” jobs while he hopped from reality TV franchise to franchise.

It was the villain edit none of us saw coming. Well, I did, but whatever.

Unsurprisingly, other cast members were also frustrated with the bullshit.

Locky was accused of bullying by other cast members. And of faking tears to manipulate an audience into sympathy. Oh, and he said he doesn’t feel emotions, including grief and empathy. But he does feel anger. The whole thing has been a mess of toxic masculinity and now it seems like even war-seasoned soldiers experienced in torture must draw the line somewhere.

On Tuesday’s finale, the four remaining SAS Australia recruits were asked to secretly cull a fellow cast member. Locky and motorsports presenter Riana Crehan had an equal amount of votes before the soldiers took it upon themselves to boot Locky. When he was oh-so-close to fulfilling his “hero complex”. I bet that felt so fkn good.

“I’m fucking devastated,” Locky said of the elimination.

“Because that’s, like, the worst way you could go out — to be voted out by your peers. That’s hectic! Voted out?”

Turns out being an “egotistical arsehole” makes people not like you! Who would have thought. A truly humbling revelation for Locky, I’m sure.

Except, not really.

“They weren’t looking for that big alpha male that can get through all the tasks and do everything physically,” Locky told New Idea, adding that the recruits wanted someone with more “mental strength”.

“Obviously I did everything physically, I passed most of the challenges and did all the bee stings, but unfortunately it wasn’t my physical capabilities that got me through it. They were looking for something else.”

Yeah, that something else was someone who doesn’t pride themselves on being an “alpha male”. Good bye and good riddance.