MAFS Bride Beck’s Friends Are Out Here Claiming She Made Flirty Demon Eyes At Locky Gilbert

beck zemek locky gilbert

Married At First Sight star Rebecca Zemek *maybe* dated former Bachie Locky Gilbert & now I’m convinced all of the reality TV shows take place on some weird island where they all just bone each other.

Beck married former AFL player Jake Edwards in last night’s episode, a relationship in which I am sure will end very soon – if it hasn’t already.

But before she shacked up with a footy player, she reportedly had a “flirty friendship” with outdoorsy fuckboi Locky Gilbert, who is – to date – my least favourite Bachelor.

According to The Wash, Beck and Locky (who both spell their names weirdly) reportedly grew close back in February 2020 before he was announced as the Bachelor.

Basically, they both lived in Perth and were *those* friends. You know, the ones that you’re always unsure if they’re rooting or not. Yep, those ones.

A source close to the pair spilled the tea to The Wash:

“As far as anyone knows, they never dated and were just good friends – but some of us think something may have happened. They met through mutual friends and were always very flirty together and had a bit of a spark. This was all when Locky was 99% confirmed as The Bachelor but it hadn’t been announced, so he was keeping his personal life quiet in case it affected the deal. But he’d just split with [Survivor star] Brooke Jowett at this point too and was very much single.”

But it doesn’t stop there, Beck – who is a self-proclaimed socialite – is also mates with former Bachie boys Shannon Karaka and Trent Cray, who both appeared in last year’s weird sister/sister Bachie season.

Does this ~mean~ anything? Look, not likely. But this does bring me one step closer to my goal of yeeting all reality dating show stars onto a big island to love and hate each other as much as their sweet little hearts desire.