Locky Gilbert & Irena Srbinovska May Have Accidentally Announced Their Engagement In New IG Pic

Can you bloody believe it’s almost been an entire year since Locky Gilbert first stormed onto our screens via the 2020 season of The Bachelor?

The Survivor star turned Bachelor bloke lead the charge in one helluva season, which ended with him ditching Bella Varelis and shacking up with her frenemy, Irena Srbinovska.

Almost immediately after the season ended, the pair started killing us with cuteness via a fuck-ton of loved up snaps on Instagram. From spending time with each other’s fams to cute dinner dates to exploring nature together, Locky and Irena quickly cemented themselves as Australia’s favourite reality star couple.

And their latest Instagram piccy has folks fawning over them because as you can see, Irena is sporting a big, fuck-off ring that very well could be an engagement ring.

As spotted by the So Dramatic! podcast, Locky Gilbert just posted a piccy to his Instagram Story where he expresses his happiness at being reunited with his lover.

Check out that ring, will ya?

The couple recently revealed that they were moving together to Locky’s home state of South Australia and I absolutely love that for them.

“And we are out!” Locky Gilbert captioned a snap of himself and his Bachelor winner GF sitting on WA natural landmark Sugarloaf Rock.

“@irena_srbinovska and I have had a blast exploring @westernaustralia but it’s time to head back to the place I grew up. It’s been awhile since I have been back to explore but I can’t wait to see what has changed.”

Irena also gushed about the big move on her Instagram, writing: “I told Locky at the first cocktail party that I would be happy to move for love. Looking back almost a year later I am still pinching myself that I am here in WA and call Perth home now.”

“But it’s time we begin our next chapter with a road trip around Australia (Covid permitting), first stop South Australia.”

There’s been no official engagement announcement thus far by Locky Gilbert or Irena and look, it could just be a v. pretty and extravagant ring, but bloody hell, would it be lovely if the rumours were true – and during Valentine’s Day week, of all times.