Tommy Little Might Be The 2021 Bachelor, So His Face Will Make Up Like 80% Of 10’s Programming

Gird your loins, because there’s rumours swirling that The Project host Tommy Little is being pipped to be the next Bachelor Australia star, and after careful contemplation (three whole seconds)… I kind of get it?

While we were reportedly promised a ‘normie’ this year, rumours have hit tabloid Women’s Day that Network 10 is looking to push their star talent into the firing lines instead. And by firing lines, we mean greeting 22 near identical women on a red carpet and pretending to know all their names by the end of the night.

Here’s what the report said:

Now, Ten is said to have jumped on the 35-year-old following his rumoured shock split from girlfriend Natalie Kyriacou just weeks ago, with his loss being the network’s gain after their first choice, Ash Williams, 38, had to be shafted following a string of controversies during his time on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

“The producers are really excited about Tommy and say he ticks all the boxes,” a source tells Woman’s Day about The Project star.

Of course, Ash Williams was reportedly dumped as the 2021 Bachelor after he was charged over allegedly recording intimate images of a woman without her consent. (Williams says he intends to fight the charges.)

So back to Tommy Little. The 35-year-old comedian is single after splitting with climate activist Natalie a few months ago.

It looks like he’s ready to move on, with reports saying they’d seen the host on Tinder. Swipe, swipe, bitch.

$10 says this photo is on his profile:

If the rumours are true, it would make Tommy the oldest Bachelor in Australian history. Also somewhat noteworthy is the news he’s been linked to a number of Bach alum, including Abbie Chatfield. (Side note: Abbie is speaking at Selfish Sessions and it’s going to be a bloody hoot and a half.)

I’ll be honest with you, I still didn’t see it, until I read this tidbit he told TV Week in 2018 about dating when you work a weird schedule.

“It’s a catch-22,” he told the publication.

“I work nights, so it’s almost physically impossible to date. That said, I get to meet girls much more attractive than me. Usually, the lowest point in their dating life coincides with the highest point in mine.”

I love a man who realises they are not god’s gift to women, you know? Anyway, sorry. I’m in love now. Awkward.

Of course, if Tommy is the Bachelor, it would mean Ten’s head of programming Dan Monaghan either told told a big old fib or low-key roasted Tommy in a previous interview.

When asked by TV Tonight if Australia already knew the Bachelor, Monaghan replied:

“Not yet. But you will, and I think he’s a fantastic get for the franchise.”

Of course he’d say that. Still, I’ll be tuning in and/or forcing Ten to let me on the damn show.