7 Times The Kardashians Were So Fucking Tone-Deaf It Made Even Die-Hard Fans Unstan Them

I have been a Kardashian clan stan (woof that’s hard to say) literally since day dot, back when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired (and dinosaurs roamed the Earth).

During that time, I’ve watched the family be embroiled in scandal after scandal and at this point, they go through controversies as frequently as they go through the Calabasas gate.

But while some dramas are merely storyline fodder for KUWTK (Tristan Thompson’s many cheating scandals, their sisterly scraps etc etc), there have been several big moments during my time as a Kardashian fan where I’ve felt the need to unstan them.

With the entire family recently being bashed for their tone-deaf attitude towards COVID-safety with Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday, I’ve listed all the times their BS behaviour has made it very, very hard to stan them.

The Pepsi Commercial

Credit: YouTube.

It’s hard to believe that with all the people on Kendall Jenner’s publicity team, including momager Kris Jenner, a.k.a. arguably the greatest PR woman of all time, this abhorrent campaign ever saw the light of day.

The 2017 ad not only mocked, but also seemingly attempted to profit off of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kendall eventually issued an apology on KUWTK but honestly, that pissed me off even more ‘cos it looked like they were using the controversy as a plotline.

Skinny Tea

Credit: Instagram.

The Kardashian fam would sell their own siblings for a buck (and have), and look, if they wanna attach their name to a clothing brand that they clearly had nothing to do with / would never wear themselves, so be it. Most celebs do that.

But what I can’t condone is their fierce and dedicated endorsement of those bloody skinny teas.

How the sisters can sleep at night after pedalling this dangerous product to their millions of impressionable followers is beyond me. Not only are they proven to be harmful to your health, but what kind of message is it sending to their young fans?

What, that being skinny should be your main goal in life, so spend your hard-earned money on these shitty smoothies to look good? Fuck that.

In a 2019 interview with the The New York Times, Kim Kardashian issued the following response to people criticising her family’s endorsement of the skinny teas, skinny shakes, shit teas, whatever ya wanna call ’em:

“If there is work that is really easy that doesn’t take away from our kids, that’s like a huge priority, if someone was faced with the same job opportunities, I think they would maybe consider. You’re going to get backlash for almost everything so as long as you like it or believe in it or it’s worth it financially, whatever your decision may be, as long as you’re O.K. with that.”

So basically, they DGAF about the consequences of the endorsements, as long as they can make a quick buck from them. Ugh.

Black Face

The Kardashian / Jenner sisters have been called out time and time again for banking on Black culture in their clothing style, hair looks and appropriated skin tone.

There’s been many a photoshoot where fans have slammed Kim, Kylie and the others for appearing darker than they usually do but despite all the backlash, it continues to happen and it’s super fucking wrong.


Kanye… Fucking Kanye

Credit: Getty.

Look, Kanye West is Kanye West. You can’t change that and you also can’t blame the Kardashian fam for all of his outbursts.

What I can call them out on, however, is going along with his ridiculous bid for presidency, especially when America is in such dire straits right now.

Kourtney Kardashian was recently slammed for repping a ‘Vote Kanye’ hat in the midst of the election, which is an incredibly tone-deaf message to be sending to your legion of followers when they should be rallying folks to vote the right way.

Fucking take it off, Kourt. (Credit: Instagram)

Bullying Taylor Swift

Again, you can’t blame the Kardashians for Kanye’s “Imma letchu finish” incident back in 2009 ‘cos, well, Kim and Kanye weren’t together back then.

But you most certainly can blame her for not only enabling but assisting in Kanye’s crusade against a young female musician.

Remember when Kim recorded (part of!) Kanye’s conversation with Taylor about his song ‘Famous’ and circulated it with the intention of bringing Taylor down, then revelled in her downfall, all the while encouraging her many followers to join in the bullying? That was beyond fucked.

Here’s the thing, I’m both a Taylor and a Kim fan so I’m not biased, but I can honestly say that every step of the way I’ve been Team Taylor and have been incredibly disgusted by Kim’s involvement in the Taylor takedown.

Being Shit To Waiters

It’s long-been rumoured that the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, treat hospo and retail workers like crap, and a recent TikTok video seemingly confirmed the rumours.

Julia Carolan, an ex-waitress at a swanky NYC restaurant, scored Kendall 4/10 stars, revealing that she “did not have the best experience with [her].”

“She used to come in all the time but was pretty cold toward staff. She also usually has someone speak for her and doesn’t speak directly to staff.”

She added, “I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and say she’s just shy?”

Meanwhile Kylie scored 2/10, and, I mean, fuck.

“She was fine but she tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill,” she said. “Do with that information what you will.”

Considering how rich both ladies are, this is pretty darn shitty of them.


COVID Island

And last but not least, we’ve gotta address the most recent one, right? (And I’d better do it quick ‘cos the next one is probs going down as we speak and my lunch is waiting for me).

The Kardashian family’s currently under fire for jet-setting off to a private island for Kim’s 40th birthday and displaying their privilege and disregard for COVID rules on social media.

“40 and feeling so humbled and blessed,” Kim tweeted.

“There is not a single day that I take for granted, especially during these times when we are all reminded of the things that truly matter.”

Then, after copping a blasting for her tone-deaf tweet, she returned this morning with her clap back, reminding everyone to vote before the US election count on November 3rd. For who, your husband? No thanks.

Oh Kardashians, you make it so fkn hard to stan you…