Kim Kardashian Pulled A Chris Evans After Her Birthday Island Getaway Was Roasted To A Crisp

kim kardashian island chris evans attention tweet

Barely 24 hours after being slammed, memed, and absolutely roasted for making everyone quarantine and get health screened before jet-setting off to a private island for her 40th birthday (and then slapping pics of it all over social media), Kim Kardashian has clapped back with a classic return serve.

After Kim posted photos yesterday from her private island getaway for her birthday, which showed her “closest inner circle” of friends and family all hanging out together on some sandy oasis, she was torched by just about everyone for splashing her privilege around while the rest of us are grappling with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

After copping an absolute pasting for her tone-deaf ~humble~ celebration of 40 years of Kim, she returned this morning with her clap back, reminding everyone to vote before the US election count on November 3rd.

An absolutely tried-and-true by the book “now that I have your attention” diversion, I’m shook.

It’s like she’s taken a straight leaf from the Chris Evans Playbook, who tweeted the exact same thing after he accidentally leaked his own nudes in September.

Even though Kim posted up the call to action for her followers to get out and vote (with more pics from her island escape) after being elevated to Meme Status in the last 24 hours, people are still calling it out for being just as tone deaf as the rest of the barrage of photos.

That’s a big yikes from me, mates.

And that she can’t just “Chris Evans” her way out of this one.

Look maybe some holiday snaps are best kept for the family photo album, hey. Especially when that little sojourn is literally in the middle of a global pandemic where some cities have just emerged from a 100+ day hard lockdown.

Just a thought.