A Heaps Racist Facebook Post From ‘Bachie’ Bloke Bill Has Been Uncovered

In case you too thought there was something slimy about Courtney 2.0/Bachelorette bloke Bill Goldsmith, then guess what, your suspicions are confirmed!

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The Daily Mail have unearthed an old Facebook post from all the way back in 2014 that reveals Goldsmith as a bit of a racist, and it’s yuck, yuck, yuck, no thank you.

Here’s the vibe if you haven’t been watching: Goldsmith is the bloke who got the wild rose, and its date-stealin’ power, in episode one. He then wooed Ali Oetjen on a wakeskiing date last week, and just yesterday walked away unscathed from a double date elimination against loveable goof Ivan Krslovic. He’s also got an ongoing feud with frontrunner Charlie Newling, who doesn’t trust him.

Weirdly, controlling Charlie is right!

In the posts from December 2014 – you can see the screengrabs HERE – Goldsmith wailed: “I’m finding it so hard not to be racist, after all this stuff in Sydney!

He’s referring to the Lindt Cafe siege, when lone gunman Haron Monis held staff and customers captive in a cafe in the middle of the Sydney CBD.  Hostages Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, and Monis, who was believed to be a terrorist, died at the scene.

Writing back to a commenter who said that they lived in a pretty peaceful Muslim/Arabic country, and that Goldsmith wouldn’t be speaking like that if the ‘terrorist’ was white, Goldsmith writes:

I never said I hated [Muslims].

None of that shit happens over here because they don’t like killing their own! They like making a statement against the western world!

And it just so happens that 99per cent of terrorists are Muslims, religion in a whole is a crock of shit! It’s just a way to brainwash ppl into giving them money and get tax exemptions from the government!

Oh God, imagine how the convo goes down when Oetjen inevitably asks him about his spiritual beliefs. The guy’s a card-carrying atheist, as well as a person who believes the demonstrably untrue fact that “99per cent of terrorists are Muslims“.

The thread goes on – Goldsmith will die on this hill – Goldsmith writing “It’s not the first time a Muslim terrorist has done bad shit.”

A Network Ten spokesperson gave a statement to the Daily Mail, which oughta smooth things over, right? “Bill has deleted the post and is extremely sorry for any offence he may have caused.

Yep, all fixed, like it never happened.