Two ‘Bachelorette’ Frontrunners Are Already Slinging Shit At Each Other

Two Bachelorette boys – each seen as strong contenders for Ali Oetjen‘s heart – have set up a very public beef, spilling their animosity to TV Week.

Yep, it’s Charlie Newling versus Bill Goldsmith, aka Jarrod 2.0 versus a Human Ken Doll.

Let’s hide out in the shade, shall we?

First, 31-year-old Sydney builder Newling and guy who copped the first single date lets rip on Goldsmith, the holder of the very powerful Wild Rose (ooooooooooooh). Essentially he says he doesn’t trust the bloke, and reckons he’s just like Oetjen’s Bachelor in Paradise sweetheart, Grant Kemp.

He reminds me of her ex, Grant [Kemp]. I don’t trust him. I can see through him. He’s not being honest with Ali and he’s saying what she wants to hear. Out of everyone, he’s the only one who hasn’t shared his story. To me, he’s hiding something.

31-year-old plumber Goldsmith scoffs at the accusation that he’s “hiding something“.

He didn’t make the effort and I even told him he was the only person who hadn’t asked me about my past. He was just using it as an excuse to be shitty with me.

In fact, Goldsmith counters that Newling is just hella jealous of his sweet pink rose.

He never said, ‘Well done’ or shook my hand. He showed his true colours pretty early on. He was very jealous, and every time someone came back from a single date, he wouldn’t speak to them for, like, a week. Charlie is an alpha male − to him, only his opinion counts. In the end, he was almost trying to father Ali and act like her spokesperson.

Newling concludes that season four of the series is competitive and dramatic, and pretty much confirms what our new mate Cheyne told us last week, that Charlie “kept his distance a bit from the guys” because he was immediately very invested in Oetjen.

Alright Charlie, last words:

It’s definitely a lot more competitive this year There’s a lot more drama. At the start, it was all about the bro code, but it wasn’t long before people realised there was some good competition.

I’m here to meet Ali – not to make friends. And if you’re not here for the right reason, there’s the door. It’s wasting my time and everyone else’s who are here for the right reasons.

Please boys, keep spilling that tea.