‘Bachelorette’ Dumpee Cheyne Spills On What Ali & Her Suitors Are Really Like

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette involved the possibility of Twister while suspended 61 metres in the air, and dudes posing for Mills & Boon covers. It was fine. We’re choosing to be happy for Ali Oetjen for getting her mack on with two different handsome men. Great job!

Get your full recap below:

Sadly, Oetjen decided to say buh-bye to the lad wearing his Scottish heritage on his knees, Cheyne. PEDESTRIAN.TV had the chance to speak to the bloke about where it all went wrong.

He says after finding out more about Oetjen and what she wanted from a relationship, he realised they probably weren’t a good fit.

I just kinda assessed that she was the ‘white picket fence’ kinda girl, and I just didn’t like that kinda lifestyle. I’m more a travel bug with my partner, [I wanna] see the world and live in different countries.

But you’d think, after Oetjen has been so very vocal about her eagerness to settle down and start a family, and to stay in her hometown of Adelaide, Cheyne wouldn’t known already that their visions for the future didn’t align. He says he only saw snippets of her turn in Bachelor in Paradise, and honestly didn’t know what she was looking for before he signed onto the show.

Going into it, I knew she wanted to settle down. I want to settle down – I just don’t want to settle down and settle into a house. I want to settle down just travelling. The way she described it was settle down, kids, and a dog. I’m willing to settle down and just figure out what we want, and have experiences.

Still he did know there were qualities about Oetjen that he was looking for in a partner:

I saw traits in her that I see in myself – personal training, fitness and healthy eating. But some traits you can’t see through Instagram, and I didn’t want to do too much research because I don’t really think the idea of researching a girl before you go on a date with her is really cool. You like to find things out, you don’t want to know anything about the person.

What he did find out was that Oetjen “has a very kind nature. As soon as I started talking to her I couldn’t speak – I was just really nervous about speaking to her. She grabbed my hand and talked me through it and we started talking about our families…


Cheyne says there’s nothing he would change about his time on the show, although he admits he is camera-shy – which might have contributed to his lack of screen time. That and he kept talking about his mother: “My mother’s my world. I talked a lot about [my mum] on the series but it didn’t get aired, probably because I just kept talking about her.

I went in there just being myself, and there’s nothing I could change to make it any more different. Maybe I would have spoken a bit more, but I didn’t want air-time, I just wanted to get in there, meet her, and just enjoy the experience in itself. I had a lot of fun. All the dudes are fabulous dudes and she’s in trouble having that much choice.

He actually applied for the series at the urging of a friend of his, who didn’t make it through the casting process.

My friend was applying and he just knew that I was kinda stagnant in the dating world, and he was like ‘Man, give this a go. It could be fun.’ He didn’t get on but I did, so he was a bit jealous. He got into the casting but he just wasn’t as outspoken as I was. I was comfortable in the casting because there wasn’t cameras, so I was very outspoken, naturally just talking absolute gobsmackin’ stuff.

So what about the other blokes, who are they really, givvus the goss.

Cheyne says he could do a profile on all of them, and that they “were all chummy on our time off, just being mates, getting to know each other“. But he says he’s a fan of Taite Radley, Wes Ford, and Jules Bourne: “Jules [is] one of my top favourite human beings I’ve ever met in my life. He is hilarious in person. What you can see is just one part of him, he’s hilarious.

He even reckons Paddy Colliar, the fake Brit being set up as the season’s villain, was just “overly excited” that first night, while the very young Nathan Favro is “genuinely invested” and not just a party boy.

In Cheyne’s view, a clear frontrunner for Oetjen’s heart is Bill Goldsmith, “one of the best blokes on there“:

He’s as nice as he is on camera off camera. He’s always smiling. He’s very invested in what you say, which is hard to find these days – people just kinda glaze over what you’re saying – but he was just constantly listening to every detail. The kind of guy that just remembers stuff.

He’s not so convinced about the gushing Charlie Newling: “Pretty much Charlie was the only person I didn’t get to talk to a lot, because he was so invested in Ali that he kept his distance a bit from the guys. He got involved. On camera is exactly how he is off camera, he talks about her. After that first date he was hooked.


So what’s next for Cheyne’s love story? Well, he’s not dating, and he has a trip to India lined up for the end of the year. “I’m just spending some time to reevaluate myself [and] learn some new things, [so I can] bring a better Cheyne towards a girl.