Ali Doesn’t Care If You Didn’t Like Her ‘Bachie’ Season, She’s Happy Anyway

Despite record low ratings, and plenty of on-screen dramaaaa (mostly because of Charlie Newling let’s be honest), Ali Oetjen has told TV Week today that she has no regrets about her time at the helm of The Bachelorette.

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With the season due to finish up on Thursday, with only handsome Todd King, the restrained Taite Radley, and maybe sly dog Bill Goldsmith left – plus rumours churning that Oetjen may have chosen no one, or already been dumped – Oetjen has started to publicly reflect on her time on the series.

When I entered the mansion, I had the mindset that I’d make the most of every moment and be in every moment.

When I finished filming, I had no regrets. I didn’t do it for the ratings. I was happy I was myself and that I wasn’t afraid to be myself.

Oetjen has also commented on Newling’s decision not to reveal the existence of his son, and she’s extremely cool with it: “I think anything to do with family – and something that’s so close to him – is up to his discretion.

She also wasn’t aware of the full extent of the animosity between Goldsmith and Newling, which Newling last week told us was largely manufactured so the lads could score airtime.

Here’s what Newling told us:

At the start it was definitely something, but look, we made up and decided to keep running with it because they loved it on there, it created controversy. At the end of the day you want to get the most out of this experience and if you’re not spending time with her, that’s by getting involved in drama and controversy. So we did that and created that.

Ali Oetjen seems to believe in the rivalry though, saying: “I didn’t realise it was that full-on. I guess they’re both alpha males and wary of each other. But it’s a nice feeling to have two guys fighting over you!

Men? Fighting over a woman? On The Bachelorette? No. That is not the entire concept of the series at all.