It Seems Richie Strahan & Alex Nation Were Spotted En Route To ‘Paradise’ In Fiji

The folks over at Woman’s Day have turned up exclusive pics of a whole slab of Bachie stars arriving in Nadi International Airport, the main airport in Fiji, ahead of filming commencing on Bachelor in Paradise.

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They’ve spotted ex-couple Alex Nation and Richie Strahan, long-rumoured to be joining the series, a year-and-a-half after they first split in August 2017, arriving on November 5 and 8 respectively. The OG gossip had the pair turning up to the island unaware the other had been signed on – which according to the tabloid today would have Nation “walk[ing] out“.

From Honey Badger‘s Bachelor season, paps spotted two of three villains, Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Cat Henesy, as well as MVPs Vanessa Sunshine and the drunkenly emotional Shannon Baff. Ofc we already know that Brooke Blurton and Cass Wood are 100% joining them.

From The Bachelorette this season, Nathan Favro and Jules Bourne have each been caught arriving in Fiji for what we suspect is a turn on Bachelor in Paradise.

You can look at all the piccies of Bachie stars looking as uncomfortable as you do at the airport HERE.

Other Bachie lonelyhearts rumoured to join the season include 2018’s almost-winner Brittany Hockley and the final point of the villain triangle, Romy Poulier.

Last month it was also reported that Sam Cochrane and Rachael Gouvignon from Bachelor in Paradise season one, as well as James Trethewie from Sophie Monk‘s Bachelorette, have signed on for next year’s series.

And now’s the time to wildly speculate about who will hook up. Could Favro woo Henesy? Are Bourne and Baff a match made in heaven? How many of the women will try one on with Strahan?

Don’t you know we’ll be there to watch the shit out of the season with you.